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Essay: Difficult Interaction

“Treat others like you want to be treated yourself,” goes a famous saying. However, this is not what we sometimes encounter in today’s competitive world. Unfortunately, difficulties concerning interaction with other people do not surprise anybody nowadays. They appear rather often due to differences between people’s perception of various aspects of life. Unfortunately, I have encountered such a difficulty in my life recently.

During last two years I have been participating in volunteer educational activities within a specialized school. My associates and I carry out studies and trainings for immigrants, the poor, and adult students. We teach general basic level of general disciplines such as English, math, and others. Continue reading

Secularization in Europe Essay


In the past centuries, societies throughout the world existed in inseparable union with religion that defined their basic features and distinctions. Today, there is an increasing push for secularization of all public domains. In Europe this trend has been especially palpable, giving reason to speak of large-scale secularization in Europe.

Secular vs. Religious Societies

Secular societies are characterized for their adherence to the principle of freedom of religion, as citizens are supposed to believe whatever religion they choose and are allowed to be atheists. Contemporary Western societies are generally taken to be secular, as there “religion does not dictate political decisions, though the moral views originating in religious traditions remain important in political debate in some countries, such as the United States” (Wikipedia). Unlike religious societies, secular societies permit religion to exist as an academic endeavour or a matter of preference; imposition of religious norms on all citizens is considered inappropriate. Continue reading

Term Paper on Information Revolution

It is obvious that there are beneficial technologies, such as the ones used in the manufacture of kitchen utensils and efficient pharmaceuticals. It is equally evident that there are maleficent technologies, such as those of mass murder and the manipulation of public opinion. There are also double-edged technologies, such as those employed in the manufacture of television sets, the organization of firms, or the design of legal codes or public policies. Indeed, television may entertain and educate, or it may habituate us to violence and vulgarity. The legal craft can defend or condemn the innocent. And a public policy may benefit the rich or the poor, everyone or no one.

Because technology is rarely neutral, it is only natural that most people are either technophiles or technophobes. However, most technophobes have no qualms using high-tech artifacts, and some technophiles worship technologies they do not understand. An example of inconsistent technophobia is the existentialist who writes his nonsense on a word processor. And a case of blind technophile is that of the bedouin whom my friend Dan Seni caught in the act of kneeling before a computer – the Westerner’s newest deity.

Information technology is an ambivalent technology, because it concerns only the processing and transmission of messages, not their content or meaning. An information net may diffuse knowledge or propaganda, poems or insults, calls to compassion or to violence. Because of this ambivalence, humanists have something to say about the information revolution: we have to find out what is good and what is bad about the information revolution, as well as what is true and what is false about the strident info hype. Continue reading

Term Paper on Public Relations

1. Public relations serves many kinds of institutions, different businesses, trade unions, voluntary associations and groups, government agencies, foundations, schools, religious institutions and so on.

So we could separate the following functions of public relations:

  • Anticipating, analyzing and interpreting the public attitudes, opinion and matters that might influence either positively or negatively the plans and work of the organizations.
  • Management of all levels of organization, taking into account policy decisions, ways of actions, communications, the social responsibilities of the organization.
  • Constantly researching and evaluating the programs for action and communication in order to present the facts to the public so that they are easily understood and thus the main aims of the organization should be achieved.
  • Planning and implementing the directions in order either to influence or to change the public policy. This includes as well all the necessary steps to achieve it such as for example: planning the budget, recruiting and training the staff, developing facilities and managing the existing resources.

Continue reading

Essay on Decision Making Models

In this paper I am going to describe a situation, where the responsibility, which my manager has put on me was not fulfilled. The case was as follows: I worked as an Human Resource Manager. Our financial director has left the company, and my job was to find an appropriate candidate for this position. I have used several sources for research, and finally have chosen ten candidates, who seemed to be close to qualify for the vacancy. I asked all of them to send in the resumes, and after that all of them had to go through interview with me, and after that I had two present two final candidates to our Chief executive.

At that point of time I did not have a lot of experience in the area of Human Resource Management and was not familiar with the Models of Decision Making, which were accepted as favorable or not favorable for this position. So When the candidates arrived for the interview I looked at their appearance, I listen to what they could say and, judging from the overall impression mostly, have recommended them to my manager. Unfortunately, none of them qualified after the final interview, in spite of the fact, that when I presented the first list of ten candidates, my manager said that at least four of them have suitable qualifications. Continue reading

Essay on Managing Change at British Airways

The move attempted at British Airways by its new CEO Willie Walsh is certainly a most painful one.

Eliminating half of the senior managerial jobs and one-third of middle managerial positions is certainly something to cope with, both for those who will be laid off and survivors. A clever tactic of managing change will be necessary for the management to ensure that the staff that will remain on the payroll continues to put adequate effort into their work.

The people who remain in the organisation may experience the so-called “survivor syndrome” that results in “lower morale, lower job and organisational satisfaction, lost of trust and faith in the employer, and feeling of guilt” (Baruch, Hind 1999:30). However, not all scholars share belief in the existence of the syndrome. For instance, Baruch & Hind (1999) have conducted three studies that demonstrate that this syndrome may be non-existent. Continue reading

Neoconservatism Essay

Today “neoconservatism” in American foreign policy is widely discussed. Neoconservatism is an ideology of neoconservatives, which is political ideology directed on foreign affairs rather than on internal affairs. It can be characterized by certain kind of imperialist views or much attention paid to the protection of political interests on world arena: good example could be war in Iraq, prolonged confrontations in the Middle east and in Israel. Today many journalists mark neoconservative tendencies in policies promoted by G.W. Bush administration.

The history of neoconservatism in American politics goes all the ways back to 1970’s as most of its founders were liberals in the past and belonged to Democratic Party. The conservative ideas were always present in American ideology and foreign politics, but they were also inspired by the new wave of conservatism, which started after the end of the WW II and the start of the cold war. It’s very interesting that neoconservative ideas also gained support in the circles of pro-socialist politicians and in the circles of American intellectuals. The biggest influence of neoconservatism on American politics was marked under administration of Ronald Reagan and G. Bush. In many respects the views of a number of neoconservatives diverge and their views on different foreign issues are not the same. Continue reading

Essay on a Healthy Lifestyle is a Necessity and not a Luxury

It is not a secret that the conception of a healthy lifestyle is more popular than ever today. However, let us see what do we have here: another fancy trend or the real deal, a necessity that helps us survive?

A natural aspiration of the modern man is to be a successful, wanted part of the society, but a constantly increasing pace of life demands equally strong efforts to keep up. In other words, to be successful you have to be in a good shape. Only in such a manner, you will be able to resist an overwhelming stress of today’s life and have a solid ground for the success it will be based on.

You can argue that our health is a product of many factors and not all of them are under our control: hereditary problems, environmental issues, the level of development of the society we live in are not those things a separate individual can correct. Nevertheless, according to WHO, 50% of your health state depends on you, to be more precise, it depends on your lifestyle. Continue reading

Tips: Writing a Research Paper on Career

Sometimes, students have to prepare a research paper about the definite profession and career making. On the one hand, the task sounds easy. In fact, one should devote much time to study the depth of every career if he wants to understand its pros and cons. Moreover, one should learn about the factors that influence the process of career making. Thus, the assignment is challenging and requires original approach. You can learn how to create a successful research paper about career if you read these simple instructions.

Prepare for Research Paper Writing

  1. Study the Elements of Your Career. It is difficult to complete a good research paper if your knowledge is poor. Students are expected to read about the topic of their assignment if they want to create a scientific academic paper. You should go to the library and find several books that explain the chosen profession and its structure in detail. In addition, it is wise to read something about the general approach towards career making. The basic general knowledge will let you understand the major principle of any career analysis. When you catch the algorithm, you will realize how to research any occupation starting from medicine and business and finishing with political activity.
  2. Find the Most Credible Sources. You will improve the quality of your academic paper about career if you find the best books and articles that observe this subject in the objective light. You can ask your teacher to help find the right books on business and management if you want to understand the problem of career making. If you take advantage of out-of-date or poor-quality publications, you will hardly compose a newsworthy paper. Your task is to find something new and fascinating. Therefore, make sure your sources are reliable and noteworthy.

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Psychology Essay on Schizophrenia

Although schizophrenia is a well-known word, very few people understand the meaning of this term. Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder related to the disintegration of the thought processes and emotional reactions. The most common characteristic features of schizophrenia are auditory hallucinations, paranoid or fantastic delusions, disintegration of speech and thought on the background of the significant social dysfunction and failure of performance. When one falls ill with schizophrenia, he is informally excluded from the society whereas he cannot function in it effectively. This disorder affects family life, performance at the workplace and other social processes.

The problem of schizophrenia is very disputable whereas many psychologists have different opinions about it. Some scholars say that schizophrenia is a single disorder while others claim that it is a complex of syndromes. This uncertainty is reflected in the name of the disorder. For instance, Eugen Bleuler treated schizophrenia as a complex of syndromes and called the disorder ‘schizophrenias’. It is natural that it is difficult to identify psychological disorders accurately. The majority of the disorders have similar symptoms; therefore, psychologists had problems with the identification of schizophrenia. For example, some scholars confuse schizophrenia with the multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder. The overall risk of disease is quite low – 0,6%. Both men and women are at the risk of falling ill with schizophrenia. In fact, women suffer from it in the older age. Continue reading