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Alternative Energy Sources Argumentative Essay


Solar power is increasingly being accepted as an alternative energy source as it provides the solution of non-renewable types as it is a sustainable form of energy. Despite the massive progress in solar power energy, there are challenges of being affected by variable weather hence the need to be backed by other alternatives.

Issues related to the efficiency of solar power have been primary in the understanding of the challenges associated with this form of energy. For example, the key question that affects the reliability of solar power energy is that it is affected by variable weather patterns and changes in climate (Morales et al. 5). Furthermore, the use of solar energy is inconveniencing because the sun that powers the cells is only available during the daytime. It thus implies that unless there is a backup plan to supplement the solar energy or a battery system to store the energy, one may lack power during the night hours. It is also apprehended that there are internal and external challenges from the use of solar power including the solar irradiance variation, changing cell temperatures, the demonstration of varying cell resistance, the shunt resistance, and limits in varying diode reverse saturation patterns (Ahmed et al. 177). Thus, the recommendation for using solar panels is to ensure that there is a backup plan such as integrating it wind the wind to warrant for a continuous supply of energy (Diaf et al. 5710).

In summary, the use of solar panel suffers the setback of being affected by the weather and the fact that it may not offer energy solutions at night. There exist other internal and external factors associated with resistance and saturation patterns. Thus, it is recommended that wind energy should be provided alongside the solar panels for improved service.

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