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Encountering Differences Essay

In my life, I have come across many people who held different views and came from different backgrounds that contrasted sharply with my own. These contrasts strike one as unusual at first, but with time comes the realization that these are also excellent opportunities for growth that emerge from understanding that the value of the human being is not dependent on views and cultural assumptions.

My most thought-provoking experience of this kind was the school trip to Europe in which I participated with some of my school friends. As we spent over a month in one city, we were placed in apartments rather than hotel, and I happened to have a Muslim guy, Abdul, for a roommate. To start with, I want to say that we never had any conflict as he personally turned out to have a mild and open disposition, welcoming to people of other backgrounds and willing to embrace difference. I tried to show the same attitude – and we got along quite nicely. Continue reading

Essay about My Teacher

Last high school year I was taking a course in world literature. By that time I’ve read through the majority of works included in the course and had a distinctive opinion about each work the course featured. Moreover, during the summer break that preceded my lash year I attended a high-level international summer school on world heritage.

The teacher of world was notorious for her strictness and authoritarian style of teaching. The first lesson revealed that the course was no pleasure or use to me. Attendance obligatory, I was doomed to waste my time listening to familiar commonplace. My classmates didn’t take an active interest in the subject so class discussions lacked depth and insight.
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Human Nature Term Paper

At first glance, the task of comparing these two philosophers – both undoubtedly Christian, but so very different – seems downright ridiculous. What possible could have in common the most classical of Renaissance magi and the man who, when Satan supposedly materialized before his eyes, threw his inkwell at him? Upon examining the works proposed, I found that, at first glance, they have no similarities in their anthropological vision. At second, some similarities in concept begin to appear into being. And yet, the third glance shows that, though they come to similar practical conclusions – for they must work with one world in practice – their precepts are completely different, and the ideas they propagate lead to very different modes of thought. This is shown very clearly in their concepts of human nature. Continue reading

Ritzer’s McDonaldization of Society Essay

McDonaldization of society compared to In this essay I’m going to focus first on the critique of Orthodox Marxism and then I’ll proceed with the examples of McDonaldization of society.

Ritzer criticized Orthodox Marxism using a variety of approaches. For instance, Marxist idea of class conflict was opposed to Ritzer’s claim that modern society (or modern bureaucracy) is a self-regulating, constantly developing, efficient and profitable organization. Capitalism has been rooted so deeply in the society of McDonald’s era that class conflict becomes more of a utopia than reality.

The main features of the process of McDonaldization of society include Efficiency, Calculability, Predictability, Increased Control, and the Replacement of Human by Non-human Technology. So, in a capitalist organization every movement by a worker is calculated, and there are clearly established rules to follow. Thus, the possibility of class conflict is decreased by this web of restrictions imposed on an employee. Continue reading

Teamwork Term Paper

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.
You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world,
but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.

Babe Ruth (George Herman Ruth, American baseball player)

One may think it is not an easy task to define teamwork. This notion is associated with numerous kinds of activities – sports, work, active leisure, and the effective goal-reaching. I bet each person images a different thing when he or she tries to visualize teamwork. The only thing they probably have in common is – the reason: what teamwork is for – the effectiveness. Why is teamwork associated with effectiveness, although it is not always true? Continue reading

UK Supermarket Sector Analysis Term Paper


  1. The majority of the UK supermarkets have international presence (USA, Europe, UK) thus potentially has more influence in each of the regions: can use bargaining power against the governments by threatening to move to another country if for instance taxation becomes too heavy.
  2. The Food industry historically seems to have been a matter of national pride, plus is of strategic importance thus most of the governments including the UK are likely to support the supermarkets.
  3. The supermarkets are wonderful employers hiring a great number of unqualified staff.
  4. Being good employers, supermarkets contribute to the lower unemployment rates in the countries of corporate presence and thus is liked by the government. Continue reading

Term Paper: Sustainable Development and Energy

Sustainable development is not new for the energy industry and for many years the global community has been concerned about finding the solution to the scarcity of energy resources. The problem can be solved through shifting the focus from minimizing the consumption of energy to increasing the efficiency is the best alternative in satisfying the growing demands for energy. Some progress has been made by the European countries, while the United States seem to be uninvolved in the process even though the economy allows development and implementation of the new technologies. This paper discusses the importance of the sustainable development in the energy sector and is aimed at energy leaders and governmental institutions. Continue reading

Shamanism as a Controversial Phenomenon

Shamanism is a term used in Europe to describe people from different tribes who performed different rites. In different tribes Shamans perform different functions. Mostly they were treated like doctors or people who know medicine. Some people also believe that shamans have ability to communicate with spirits. The term itself derives from Tungus language used in Siberia, Russia. At the present moment shamanism exists in different places of the world and should be treated as global phenomenon. Many scientists regard shamanism as archaic phenomenon which derives from pagan religions. There is another group of scholars who treat Shamanism as abnormal phenomenon.

Attitude to shamanism greatly changed with the flow of time. First Christian missionaries who discovered the tribes and shamans treated them as healers, who used the help of devil. Such an attitude reflected an attitude of “civilized” Europe to new phenomenon from another culture. This attitude is explained to great extend by Christian doctrine, which did not recognize other religions and confessions. Shamanism was treated as competitive force, which had a lot of adherents. An attitude to shamanism in the nineteenth century did not change to great expand. Most people from civilized countries still treated it hostilely. An accent on the serving to devil was not so strong during this time. At the same time shamanism and communication with spirits was still treated like a fantasy and daydreaming of people who used it in order to manipulate others. This attitude also reflected prejudices which existed at that time. Changes in attitude, which occurred in the beginning of the twentieth century did not bring much faith in shamanism. Continue reading

Rhetorical Analysis Essay

There are times in our lives, when only the power of elocution and rhetoric are able to change the situation. The ability to convince and persuade is needed almost every day – with our teachers, colleagues, partners, and other people surrounding us. This vital ability is especially needed with the life of an individual is easily made public – especially the politicians. The history of the world, as well as the history of the United States, is full of scandals and costly blunders, and only those politicians, who were able to publicly declare their attitude to some event or even admit their faults, were able to recover and rehabilitate in the eyes of the society.

When the far-famed Lewinsky scandal or “Monicagate” took place in 1998, President Clinton had a hard time denying the facts first, and then, when the credibility was lost completely and then facing the impeachment trial. He was impeached on December 19, 1998 by the House of Representatives and subsequently acquitted by the Senate on February 12, 1999. Not only he faced charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, he totally lost face in the eyes on the nation and the whole world. Denying the truth is certainly wrong, but if one thinks over the situation, he or she would certainly find the motives and reasons of such behavior. Continue reading

Financial Analyst Personal Statement

Before deciding to choose finance as my course of life, and achieving Master of Business Administration in Finance, with double focus in Finance and Project Management, I have worked at the Marriott Hotel first as a Cross Training Assistant Controller and then as the Operations Manager.

During my work as Cross Training Assistant Controller for 3 years at Marriott, I have analyzed, planned and interpreted the financial results, prepared monthly and quarterly financial balance sheet and P&L forecasts. In addition, I have performed monthly financial statement, departmental budget variance analysis and identified issues for management and board response and further action.

1. After the promotion to the Operations Manager position, I had a four-year-experience in event management operations. My key responsibilities were: preparation and analysis of budget, forecasting, and expenditures; goal setting, business strategy coordination, pricing of event management products and services for customers, and much more.
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