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Essay about Accomplishments in Life


For many centuries people were measuring their accomplishments in different ways. For some of them, fame and money were the measurement of their success. For some those were great spiritual accomplishments or, perhaps, great inventions that were to make peoples’ lives better. Our modern civilization owes a lot to those great people.

However, there are challenges in life of every person, since if there are no obstacles there personality just won’t form within the body. And for every person it is important to try hard to accomplish the goal and be strong in going that. Like Winston Churchill said: “Never give in, never, never, never, never…”

Paper crane

For me such challenge was a bit unusual. It is well known that paper cranes are a significant symbol for Chinese people and I’m not an exception. In fact this symbol has a special meaning for me. Paper crane is a symbol of hope that reminds us not to give up. I’ve learned it when I was only 4 years old. Continue reading

Business Forecasting Essay

The corporation of the future will surely represent a serious difference from today’s corporate environments on many issues including the structure, organisation, management patterns, communication, technology, leadership patterns, and the rest. The roles of major players including employees, managers, investors and other stakeholders are also going to change. The cornerstone of organisational development, the management-employee relations and the role of the manager inside the organisation is likely to undergo a profound change.

In today’s organisations, the roles of the worker and the manager are typically sharply delineated. Every employee realizes the scope of his or her own duties, and if someone has a problem with such understanding, this person is quickly shown where one’s responsibilities end, and the role of the manager begins. A change in the worker-manager division of labor would begin with greater flexibility in defining who will perform managerial duties. This trend is visible today when employees are assembled in project teams and given temporary or permanent assignments that they had never tackled before. In the organisation of the future, as the expertise and knowledge of workers will increase, the manager will have greater freedom when he or she steps out of the office and appoints others to oversee the process. As rank-and-file employees increase their capacity for decision-making, shifts in power will become less noticeable because people will be able to fulfil more duties than they do today. Continue reading

Argumentative Essay on Tuition Fees

The recent proposal to divert 5% of the school revenue to offer free services to non-student members of the local community seems unfeasible from the viewpoint of the student community. It will contribute to the rise of the already high tuition fees, decrease the quality of services delivered to students, and stand in the way of organisational development. This sizeable amount of money can most definitely be put to better use.

The revenue of the college is derived almost in total from students’ tuition fees that often place a heavy burden on students’ families, trying to meet the costs of the program. If the college allots 5% to delivery of services to non-students, in the next year rising expenses can force it to take the missing funds out of students’ tuitions, raising them once again. It seems that the significant cost of the program can keep away many talented individuals coming from poor family backgrounds. In this situation, every effort should be made to keep the tuition fees low, by way of eliminating unnecessary expense. Continue reading

Lesson Plan Term Paper

The lesson plan is aimed at children of age 7 to 9 years old. The objective of the lesson is to provide information about the laws of nature in order to show that human beings are also animals and part of their behavior is determined by instincts.

The lesson will educate children about the difference between instincts and learned behavior and how important it is for their survival in the wild nature. They will also learn about the connection between instincts and behavior. The children will learn about the importance of the instincts in the human life that will allow them to understand human nature better and see human being as an organic part of nature. Continue reading

The Mountain People Book Review

Ik people, the ethnic community from Uganda, have presented an interesting issue for examination since their tribe was discovered. Being hunting and gathering community, Ik people were moving around the Kidepo valley and mountains of Uganda, living in small temporary villages surrounded by outer walls.

Colin Turnbull, a famous British-American anthropologist, was studying various African tribes for many years. In one of his books, The Mountain People, Turnbull describes the Ik people in the period of close examination. Turnbull stayed with this tribe for several years and studied the Ik people’s customs, traditions, culture, and other key aspects of their life. The book was published in 1972. And it became very successful yet rather controversial. The moral aspect of The Mountain People remains a questionable issue nowadays. Turnbull studied the Ik people in very acute period for them. The area of Kidepo valley became a national park, thus the tribe had no place to hunt and feed their families. The Iks suffered soundly from famine, and Turnbull was participating in tribe life in this very period influencing significantly its moral values. Continue reading

World Poverty Essay

In his article, The Singer Solution to World Poverty, Peter Singer, one of the most controversial and provocative philosophers of the modern time, offers ideas on Americans’ moral obligations and ethics on the issue of world poverty and hunger. The statements Singer makes are what most would call at least “unconventional”, if not “disturbingly provocative”. In the very introduction to his paper, Peter Singer talks about the values of issues like common goods in comparison to human life and health. The author presents the arguments that selling children for organs is basically the same as to buy luxuries and unnecessary things instead of helping those who are in need. In other words, both actions are morally equivalent and there are no ethical distinctions between them. Using the “Central Station” movie as an illustration to support his ideas, Singer figuratively slaps the reader across the cheek for lack of activity in charitable organizations. Reading the article clearly stimulates inner discomfort, which is in its core the feeling of guilt Singer provokes so skillfully. Continue reading

Abstinence-Only Sex Education Essay

The problem of effective sex education is one of the major problems of the contemporary educational system and contemporary society at large. In fact, it is really important to educate students in order to minimize possible risks they may face in their sexual life, especially in the result of the ineffective sex education. In this regard, the views on sex education vary dramatically. On the one hand, there are supporters of the wide implementation of special educational programs where students could learn basics of their sexual life with the emphasis on the safety of sexual relationships, especially among teens, and the necessity of contraception. On the other hand, there are supporters of abstinence-only sex education, which, in contrast, stand on the ground that education should promote the idea of abstinence as the best preventive measure of possible problems teens may face in their sexual life. However, in actuality, the effectiveness of the latter approach seems to be quite arguable because of the significant changes in the contemporary socio-cultural life. Continue reading

World War 1 Term Paper

My term paper deals with the role of the USA in the First World War (1914-1918). I will try to point out major events of this period and their influenced economical, political and social spheres of American life. My research is based on two primary sources. These are abstracts from Levack’s “The West: Encounters and transformations” Volume 2. Chapter 24 is devoted to the First World War in the USA: “the Expectations vs. Reality” (p. 787) and “the Revolution in the Front Lines” (p. 801). Besides I’ll focus attention on two illustrations related to the topic: “Women in the War” and “Role Reversal”. They impressed me most of all and made me ponder over dangers and threats of military service, reasons and consequences of certain changes in it during the war. These four sources provide detailed information on the topic stated before. I will analyze the points which I consider to be the most important. I’ve chosen Gerd Hardach’s book and a newspaper article “The Unsung Women of World War”. The first one helps to understand economical problems in America during the war and after it. The second source is a nice supplement to the investigated topic of women’s rights. Chosen sources are close to each other and will give readers a clear picture of what was before the war and what happened afterwards. Authors managed to trace connection between past and present events. It would help to understand errors and misreckoning of military leaders of the past. On the whole the main point I’ll try to emphasize is what has changed in the USA due to certain events and circumstances during the war. Continue reading

Minimum Wage Term Paper

In her article “Minimum wages” Linda Gorman speaks of the influence of minimum wage laws on the lives and career opportunities of employees. She provides numerous examples of how harmful wage regulation can be to the workers, especially those who are lower-skilled. In fact, I believe she is right, because although minimum wage regulation is aimed at supporting and protecting employees, it paradoxically deprives people of their right for work and freedom of choice in terms of what labor opportunities to pursue.

Despite the initial aim to improve the level of wages for the most vulnerable part of workers – the unskilled – this type of regulation has numerous negative consequences. Linda Gorman in her article “Minimum Wages” provides an apt remark that: +“…the law is simply one more example of good intentions producing hellish results”. The problem with the minimum wages setting is that this action does not guarantee work places for everyone. On the contrary, employers might prefer to fire some employees not to pay the burden of high wages. Continue reading

Essay about My Academic Record

To make the picture of my academic record complete, I would like to explain the background of my college studies in the US. Arriving in a new country with a strikingly different culture, I felt extremely homesick during the first semester. I remember feeling dismayed and lost in the world where I hardly knew anyone. I also had to apply a lot of effort in order to adjust psychologically and culturally, to learn to understand people and make new friends. This distraction was reflected in my academic progress since in the first semester my GPA was only 2.8. Continue reading