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Aviation Safety Term Paper


Paper on Aviation Safety:

Aviation safety is the complex of efforts and human and material resources aimed at the protection of the civil aviation from the acts of the illegal interference. Nowadays the topic of aviation safety is quite relevant, because aircraft is the most popular and effective means of transport due to its speed and safety. Many people think that planes are extremely dangerous, but the real facts are different, because air crashes occur quite seldom in comparison with accidents on the road or in the sea. The safety of flight is a very difficult activity which requires energy, responsibility and resources. The sphere of aviation attracts the brightest minds and engineers who work hard to make aircraft as safe as possible. It is important to protect planes, helicopters, etc from the negative impact of the environment, especially weather and other natural factors which influence the quality of the aircraft.

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Engineers create the special technologies which protect aircraft from lightning, storms, ice, snow, rain, birds, ash, fire, ground, etc. It is important to make the plane safe at all stages of flight – from the takeoff to landing. Moreover, there are accidents like engine failure or fire on board and it is necessary to equip the aircraft with the systems which would solve such problems. Then, the flight should be controlled by the special services which help the pilots with navigation in bad weather.

Next, today the cases of plane terrorism are quite frequent, so there are services which try to prevent such cases before, during and after the flight for the passengers’ safety. Finally, aviation safety depends simply on the personal professional skills of the pilots, who have to train a lot before taking up such a responsible job.

The student who wants to observe the topic about aviation safety should dwell on all the most essential aspects of the problem. The young professional is expected to learn about the most well-known safety hazards which can make the flight dangerous. Moreover the student should work out the techniques which can make the flight safer reading the up-to-date literature about the innovations in aircraft safety systems. It is useful to observe the problem on the definite cases when pilots solve the urgent problems on board saving lives of the crew and of the plane’s passengers.

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