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Biology Personal Statement Essay


Being an inquisitive person since my childhood, I am always curious about other living creatures around me, wondering how nature created them with so much perfection. My early interest made me gravitate toward a path in biology, an enthusiasm that was further cemented during the three years when I worked as a teacher. As I shared my love and knowledge for the subject with my students, I realized that I wanted to further enhance my knowledge in biology, and expand my understanding in physiology, microbiology, evolution and genetics. After researching various schools, I have come to the conclusion that the Ph.D. program offered at the [Name of University] is best suited for me because it offers an opportunity to study in an academically challenging and research-oriented environment under the guidance of eminent faculty, and also work in collaboration with renowned researchers.

An intense fascination in the discipline of biology motivated me to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the prestigious King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia. Then while doing my Master’s degree from University of Pennsylvania, I worked on various research projects that required extensive team collaboration, observation and data analysis, deductive reasoning, resilience, and time management. In addition, my teaching experience has also helped me acquire valuable teaching, communication, and leadership skills.

After the completion of my Ph.D. in Biology, I propose to work in the business world, and work with an organization involved in the area of Biologicals. I must assert that I shall be able to contribute toward cutting-edge research and harnessing the latest advancements in the field of biology so as to produce vital solutions for humanity. Eventually, I expect to assume a leadership position in an organization where I would propel and define the direction of not only the business but also the entire industry such that it has long-lasting impact on all living beings. May I request the Admissions Committee to kindly consider my application to the Ph.D. program at [Name of University] and enable me achieve my professional career goals?

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