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Car Accidents in UAE Essay


As over speeding falls under the different types of RTAs, the study reviews RTA related literature which is used to provide a basis on which the study methods are to be formulated and adopted. The reports provide an analytical review of the basic road safety scenario as used in the United Arab Emirates including the measures put in place in order to manage the increasing number of vehicles in the streets and highways (Al-Madani, & Al-Janahi, 2018). By using previous studies, the problem of over speeding in the UAE will be simplified as the problem will have been brought down to a basic level through the demonstration of novelty.

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Additionally, the stakeholders who manage the road carnage and implement the measures to reduce accidents will be used to provide the complexity of issues that the management is faced with. The current rules and regulations being applied will also be scrutinized with the aim of coming up with the extent to which the current safety levels can be upgraded (Al-Madani, & Al-Janahi, 2018). A comparison with globally accepted road safety measures will also be carried out from which proposed recommendations will be suggested.

Chapter One
Many of the UAE countries have undergone a significant growth rate that has impacted the everyday aspect of life since 1971 (Al-Madani, & Al-Janahi, 2018). As from 2005, UAE countries, mainly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, has experienced tremendous population growth which has directly increased the number of licensed plates, registered vehicles and traffic violations of equal measure in the Dubai roads. Annually, the number of individuals who succumb due to road traffic accidents (RTAs) is estimated to be at least 1.3 million (Al-Madani, & Al-Janahi, 2018). In the countries around the Bedouin Arabian Gulf, RTAs are regarded as a public health problem that is increasing with each passing day. In the entire UAE, there was a drastic change in the way of life of many locals since the discovery of oil (Al-Madani, & Al-Janahi, 2018). Many people have acquired automobiles as a result of cheap fuels, and a significant number of them pay no regard to the speed limits set by the governments.

Up until now, there is no definitive research carried out to determine the United Arab Emirates is affected by the constant changing rate of RTAs. In retrospect, the results acquired in this report will majorly base on what extent that over speeding influences the number of accidents in the United Arab Emirates (Peng, Abdel-Aty, Shi, & Yu, 2017). In as much as the level of affluence may lead a country to advance in terms of economic stability, infrastructure, and technology, the same case is rarely observed in the general pattern of motorists’ behavior. With good roads and highway infrastructure, drivers are inclined towards using high speeds as opposed to restricting themselves to the recommended speeds.

Problem Statement
In Dubai, the presence of signs that govern the speed limits is considered as the most significant for the numerous motorists (Abu-Zidan, & Eid, 2015). By having the knowledge of the recommended maximum speed limit on the different sections of the roads is vital is avoiding preventable accidents and money lost from over speeding fines. Basing on the statistics from the Dubai police on the number of tickets issued as a result of over speeding sums up to 16,005 between the beginning of 2016 and October 2017 (Peng, Abdel-Aty, Shi, & Yu, 2017). The report from the Dubai Police also acknowledges that at least 18 people succumbed to their death due to traffic-related incidents that involve over speeding motorists. This body count is an increase when compared to the 13 deaths that had earlier been encountered in 2015. These figures are a direct indication that over speeding has a great influence on the rate of car incidents in the United Arab Emirates (Peng, Abdel-Aty, Shi, & Yu, 2017). Ignoring the set speed limits would pose a challenge on the roads and become fatal as speeding cars are difficult to control. There is minimal information concerning traffic awareness and the behavior of motorists both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Aim and Objectives of the study
The study is aimed at benchmarking the influence that over speeding has on the accidents witnessed in the United Arab Emirates. The study focuses on the aspect of over speeding and the mechanisms that would be put in place in order to minimize the occurrence and risk or accidents through the development of a general methodology of ca accident reduction in the UAE.

General Objective
To determine the extent to which over speeding influences the rate of car accidents in the United Arab Emirates.

Specific Objectives
To analyze how over speeding can cause accidents.
To evaluate the extent of which over speeding can be minimized in UAE
To create a reliable preventive maneuver against accidents incurred from over speeding

Research Questions
How does over speeding as a road safety problem, influence road accidents in the United Arab Emirates?
What is the primary nature of the problem and the major causes?
What measures can be implemented in order to overcome the problem of over speeding?
What are the expected benefits that may result if the measures were applied and used effectively by the motorists?

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