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Carter Druse Character Analysis Essay


Carter Druse is a morally questionable character from the Ambrose Bierce story, who took selfish decisions, violating his duty as a family member and as a soldier.

First of all, he left his homeland and his father’s troop in West Virginia to join the enemies’ side in Grafton, while his mother was ailing in her death bed. The act brought his father in a state of shock, as he didn’t expect his son capable of such thing. Carter Druse’s decision was therefore morally questionable, as no one should choose siding with their enemies, and, on top, leave their home to do so. In order to do the right thing, Druse should have remained loyal to his family, in his home from West Virginia, and fight by their side. His father also needed his son’s comfort at moments of his mother’s ailing.

Second of all, upon entering Grafton Union regiment, Carter Druse slept comfortably in his duty as a sentinel; thus, he violated his duty as a soldier, and at the same time, his moral duty of taking care of his comrades. Moreover, in his duty as the sentinel of his soldier’s camp at Grafton, Carter Druse hesitated to take the shot against the enemy, as it was his own father; instead, he shot the enemy’s horse, thus violating once more his duty as a soldier to shoot the enemy on sight. His moral duty as a son and his duty as a soldier was conflicting. The enemy of Grafton Union regiment was his family, and it is morally right to support your family. It was, however, Druse’s mission as a soldier to fight against his family as they were considered to be the enemy of the camp in Grafton.

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