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Conflict Resolution Term Paper


Paper on Conflict Resolution:

Conflict resolution is the complex of efforts and actions which are aimed at the solution of the conflict situations in the constructive way. Conflicts accompany people every day in every sphere of their life, because human relations are often based on conflicts. There are many reasons of conflicts which depend on the human character and emotions. Everyone is different and wants to prove his own point of view to the opponent. It is quite difficult to impose one’s thought on the other person and if the latter refused to accept the idea, conflict appears.

Most often conflicts appear at school, on the workplace, in transport, etc. Everyone faces the problem of conflicts every day and his personal reaction towards them id different. One starts calming down the opponents being ready to give up and do everything to set the conflict; the other tries to develop the conflict further and offenses the opponent and tries to impose his thought on his.

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Such an attitude is quite irrational, because the conflict would only become more serious and it will be difficult to calm both sides down. Every teacher and manager in the company is supposed to be able to resolve conflicts professionally, because the teacher’s and manager’s duty is to create the healthy working atmosphere and maintenance of peace and order in the group of people. One is expected to be a little bit of a psychologist in order to calm down the sides of the conflict and build the bridge of their cooperation.

Conflict resolution is a favorable topic for the analysis, because the student is able to demonstrate his knowledge and writing skills concerning the research of the suggested topic and the description of the reasons and roots of conflicts. One should define the types of conflicts, their impact on the human relations, their harmful impact on education and work and the psychological health of an individual. The student should also define the best methods of conflict resolution relying on the experience of numerous prominent psychologists and experts in this field. The summary of the research should be connected with the importance of the techniques of conflict resolution and their improvement for the common good.

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