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North Korea Nuclear Standoff Essay


So as to prevent the spread of nuclear technology world community established the non-proliferation treaty and North Korea signed this treaty under the pressure of international authorities in 1985 also. Several years after South Korea continued its nuclear program towards the development of nuclear bomb in spite of indignation, multiple warnings and sanctions from the members of the United Nations. Active summit talks convinced official Pyongyang to become a party of the Agreed Framework in exchange for the indulgence of economic sanctions from US. Major arrangements of the Agreed Framework implied freezing of Pyongyang’s nuclear program and monitoring of Korean nuclear objects by International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors, joining the efforts in the denuclearization of Korean Peninsula and normalization of international relations. The exacerbation in Korean region decreased there was a time period of effective cooperation. But new millennium brought new problems: in 2002 USA manifested a reasonable apprehension that Pyongyang endeavors to enrich uranium. The existence of such program in itself neglects all the before entered engagements and endangers the world community. The same year North Korea confirmed the existence of uranium enrichment program and this issue compelled the attention of many countries including US, Russia, Great Britain, China, Japan and South Korea. UNO officials initiated many talks (including three- and six-party talks) which gave no significant positive shifts in North Korean nuclear standoff. Later Pyongyang refused from new and broken off all current negotiations.

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After the announcement of successful nuclear test in October 2006 North Korea authorities were exposed to direct strong condemnation from the leaders of world-leading countries. They appealed Pyongyang to resume six-party negotiations but its officials were in a feeling of euphoria because of irrepressible power in their hands and refused. Furthermore, Pyongyang declared that if the international sanctions against the country remain North Korea would conduct the second nuclear test and new sanctions would be considered as a war declaration. Notwithstanding the threats of Pyongyang on October 14th United Nations Security Council approved resolution 1718 concerning nuclear standoff. The decision was unanimous and unconditional. Resolution implies economic and commercial sanctions against North Korea which will isolate as it is one of the most isolated countries in the world. UN demands Pyongyang to stop all nuclear tests and programs, missile launches and return to six-party talks. North Korea officials rejected the above demands and stated that it will strike any country which represents danger to Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

According to UN resolution all shipments moving to and from DPRK are subjects to inspection for weapons of mass destruction, spare parts for this weapon and other parts that can be used in uranium enrichment; assets of DPRK’s companies concerned with weapon must be frozen; export to DPRK is limited strictly etc.

Most UNO members expressed their dissatisfaction about the nuclear test. Some countries initiated their own sanctions and measures against DPRK but all countries support non-military settlement of the problem.

China rejected to inspect shipments as it is defined in resolution due to technical difficulties. From the first sight it can be considered as infirm signal of support but it is not so. China even has built a solid fence on the border with DPRK to restrain potential illegal immigrants from North Korea. By the way China is major power supplier to North Korea, financial donor and its major trade partner also. It is noticeable that China does not decrease financial aid to the ‘nuclear aggressor’ hitherto. Chinese authorities demand DPRK to return to six-party negotiations and stop subsequent missile launches and nuclear tests.

Japan was very mistrustful firstly but after receiving strong evidence Japan ceased most trading relations with North Korea.

United States of America takes all possible measures to provide absolute economic blockade of DPRK including restricting business operations and blocking commercial accounts.

Evidently, the nuclear test heightened the situation on the Korean Peninsula and adjacent regions. Probably, it will be so until North Korea become denuclearized state or its government reconsiders its views related to national security and international relations.


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