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Essay on a Healthy Lifestyle is a Necessity and not a Luxury


is not a secret that the conception of a healthy lifestyle is more popular than ever today. However, let us see what do we have here: another fancy trend or the real deal, a necessity that helps us survive?

A natural aspiration of the modern man is to be a successful, wanted part of the society, but a constantly increasing pace of life demands equally strong efforts to keep up. In other words, to be successful you have to be in a good shape. Only in such a manner, you will be able to resist an overwhelming stress of today’s life and have a solid ground for the success it will be based on.

You can argue that our health is a product of many factors and not all of them are under our control: hereditary problems, environmental issues, the level of development of the society we live in are not those things a separate individual can correct. Nevertheless, according to WHO, 50% of your health state depends on you, to be more precise, it depends on your lifestyle.

So, what is a healthy lifestyle? When we talk about a lifestyle we generally talk about a system of the individual’s persistent relations with his environment. What is meant here is about our self-perception, our habits, and our behavioral stereotypes. If all these things together help us lead an active, productive life, we can call such a lifestyle healthy.

There is an opinion, that a healthy lifestyle invokes great investments. Is that really so? The answer is not that simple. We live in the material world, so, one way or another we spend some money to function properly: we buy us food and clothes, paying for our houses, cars and entertaining. We are building our material existence according to our own priorities. So, the problem of investments is strictly personal.

Let us see other aspects of the issue.

Healthy lifestyle assumes correct nutrition. Balanced and healthy diet is what we need to provide us energy, boost our immune system, and help us resist the environmental issues. In these terms, correct does not necessarily mean expensive, but rather proper, balanced, and regular, corresponding to our energy consumption. The main demand for our food, it has to be fresh and of natural origin. Season fruits and vegetables, fermented-milk products, fresh fish and meat are the base for a healthy diet. The way we cook that food is also of utter importance. A minimal thermal processing will help you to keep all the valuable ingredients intact. The restraint from junk food, having the excessive amount of fat, sugar, and salt, not only keeps your body safe from oxidants and toxins, but also allows you to save your money.

Our day regimen is also not a thing to neglect. We have to sleep well and long enough, go to gym, and have a proper hygiene to be able to say we live a healthy life. The resources of our body are not infinite. If it seems to us that today we can overlook some health issues to take care of them later, it is only a wishful thinking. Losing one’s health is not something you want at any time of your life. Once you lost it, you will need a whole lot of effort to bring it back to the state it was. And without it, all the success in the world does not matter. A healthy and active person is more likely to have a good job and successful career.

A healthy lifestyle also implies the proper amount of physical activity. There is a lot of types and kinds of such exercises: yoga, swimming, jogging, weight lifting, and active games. You also can dance, climb a hill, or have a long walk. You do not have to choose the most expensive sport to be in shape. The regularity and efforts are much more important.

When you want to live healthily you have to say no to such bad habits as smoking, drinking, and to other forms of synthetical stimulation. However, the most important thing is to understand that a healthy lifestyle is a necessity to have such a luxury as a solid health.

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