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Essay on Belief Systems


Systems Essay:

During transformation, some things change smoothly and find their new places easily, while others enter into a confrontation. If your belief systems are in contradiction with the information that is accepted as a fact by many people, then you should wait for a crisis. As in the case of a crisis of the Earth representation as a flat disk, which occurred, when the earth was proved to be round, or the crisis that occurred, when people, convinced of the creation of man in one day, were provided the bone of Early Man. In this light, the existence of extraterrestrial life forms can contradict the belief system of those, who believe that humans are the only intelligent species in the universe and was created by God in his own image. Such a crisis is not peculiar only to highly religious people, but since the regulations of many religions are on a par with similar concepts (leading to the crisis), the devotees tend to fall into such a position.

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A belief system, which is based on the first statement, that man is the only intelligent species is now under continuous attack. New technology making possible what was impossible only yesterday and could be only considered as a miracle is a reality today, allowing spaceships to make their interstellar travels, doctors to perform medical miracles based on the art of genetic engineering – everything points to a probability of a higher intelligence than that possessed by Homo Sapiens.

Those resisting this fact must either give up and admit that they speak their feelings and not logic, or turn to the other way and refuse to even consider the incoming information. Such people are easy to recognize. They turn away, blushing in the face, and begin to proclaim their faith, when they are presented with facts that cause to question their beliefs, even if there are strong arguments against them.

Regarding the second statement, that man was created in the image and likeness of God – such a belief system leaves the man in the position of having to make a choice. Either belief can be expanded to include an understanding of the image of God as everything that exists and to give Homo Sapiens the position of kinship with other intelligent life forms, or retain a belief system, and put the extraterrestrial life form outside of God – in the category of demons. In this case, an individual would hold the belief system, despite all the contradictions with the facts without accepting them. Since there is increasingly more information about the different forms of intelligent life, these individuals avoid open discussions.

How should a person, who went through the transformation and accepted new concepts, deal with those who are severely inadequate and captured in the false reality of their belief systems? The pressure of the information does little good, since their resistance increases. In fact, the opposite approach works best. Random comment on the subject can much more effective. Let the facts to make their magic, as they often do.

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