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Essay on Subcultures


on Subcultures:

As the society is divided into many groups – national, demographic, social, professional – gradually, each of them forms its own culture, that is, a system of values ??and rules of conduct. Small cultural worlds are called subcultures.

A subculture means a system of values, attitudes, modes of behavior and lifestyles, which is inherent in a smaller social community spatially and socially isolated to a greater or lesser degree. Subcultural attributes, rituals, as a sustainable way of behavior and values, ??tend to differ from those in the dominant culture.

The term “subculture” refers to the culture of a community, part of a nation or ethnic group, or isolated from society, if this community (social group) is quite markedly different from the rest of the society with its values, interests, traditions, customs, style, and way of life. However, these values, traditions, and interests are generated by the culture of the society (country, nation) as a whole and in a broad sense, belong to this culture: subculture continues, in general, the culture of the nation, takes its core values.

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Real culture of each country consists of a large variety of subcultures, and they interact with each other, in some aspects and areas, they even conflict with the basic culture, but in most cases are the component parts of the overall (dominant) culture.

Communities – carriers of subcultures – usually have different ethnicity, demographic characteristics (gender and age), occupation, education, place of residence, religion, and many other features. There is, for example, the subculture of poverty, the intellectual subculture, the youth subcultures, the underworld subculture (the subculture of delinquency), the Muslim subculture, etc. The most important in practical terms are the differences in the forms of behavior, thinking, and mentality of social groups (communities).

Cultural diversity can be observed within the society. In many modern countries, members of some groups are taking part in the main culture of the society, at the same time sharing the number of unique values, norms, traditions, and ways of life. These specific cultural patterns are called subculture. There exist many subcultures, which are expressed in different religious, racial, ethnic, professional, and age groups.

Sometimes, norms, values ??and way of life of a subculture coming into tangible contradiction with the norms, values, ??and lifestyle of the whole society, forming a counterculture. Counterculture rejects many of the behavioral standards and regulations in force in the dominant culture. Criminal gangs, satanic cults, right-wing and left-wing extremists can serve examples of the counterculture.

Free sample essays topics on subcultures present us theories indicating that subcultures perform important functions as part of the general culture. They help people to establish and maintain interaction with others, with society as a whole, integrated into the society in its cultural life.

Subcultures offer specific solutions to a number of social and other problems caused by the contradictions of the society. At the same time, a subculture allows a person to understand his place in society, their cultural identity, to distinguish themselves from others.

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