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Essay on Unemployment in Pakistan


in Pakistan Essay:

Unemployment is the lack of job for a great number of people in the country. It is obvious that unemployment is the biggest problem for the country, because it threatens economical development of the country and health and lives of its people. When the government does not carry out effective policy and does not provide people with new workplaces and does not develop various spheres of education, business, science, etc., unemployment is the most evident result of such attitude. Unemployment is a dangerous phenomenon, because people who do not have enough money for food, shelter and clothes are ready to do everything just to survive. It is obvious that they will even commit serious crimes, because hungry people forger about moral values and think only how to survive and feed their people. The problem of unemployment exists in every country of the world, rich and poor, but the rates of unemployment are different. Pakistan, like many countries in the world faces the problem of unemployment on its own skin.

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About forty years ago the problem was extremely tragic and millions of people experienced the lack workplaces. Today the situation is changing gradually, every year new workplaces appear to stabilize the situation and provide people with the chance to have a normal life. Much money id donated into the development of agriculture which provides millions of people with work.

Evidently, with the growth of the number of workplaces the life of the country is becoming better and the conflicts between employers and employees become more rear. Students who are supposed to prepare a good essay about Pakistan should read much about the country, its history and economical condition. There are many books, encyclopaedias, high-quality newspapers and magazines which research the problem of unemployment in Pakistan, because the country is considered to be the best example of this problem in the world. One should think over and analyze the reasons and factors which cause unemployment on the country and present the problems which are its consequences. Young people, who want to prepare a good essay should present their own opinion about the problem of unemployment and its reasons and offer good ways of the solution of this problem taking into consideration the political and financial situation in the country and its potential.

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