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Essay on Value of Sports


of Sports Essay:

It is impossible to overestimate the value of sports. Physical activity is as mush important for our body as what and how we eat. It is believed that in order to keep properly functionality of the body, average person must walk at least 2 hours a day. Naturally, this cannot be applied fully to those who are professionally engaged in some sport or regularly visit a gym. Walking will not do any harm to them too, but they already are active enough to be in shape.

Those who are constantly involved in sports know that sport can be very addictive. It is commonly noticed that a person who is regularly engaged in some kind of physical activity feels bad when such activity suddenly stops.

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There are many reasons for that, but all we need to know is that it is better not to stop, all the more so that there are so many different sports you can choose from. It can be jogging, especially in the fresh air, preferably in the woods or at the sea cost. It is also very nice to have the opportunity to swim.

Many of us earlier or later had to make a decision what sport to choose. In this case, we can assure you, there is no wrong choice. Whatever you choose will not do you any harm. Even sports that are potentially dangerous and can cause injury can be completely safe with a proper approach. In any case, even such activity is better than none. As an example, you can consider martial arts or boxing. If you are working out under surveillance of an experienced trainer, the risk of injury is almost null. However, such sport, besides obvious benefit, gives you a couple of bonuses. The first, and more advantageous, is the ability to protect yourself in difficult situation that we all can become a part of. The second, but not less important, is the skill to avoid fall or fall safely. There are thousands of broken bones every year even in young people, who did know how to fall safely.

All above is the only small part of what you can do. Nevertheless, the main thing you have to understand is that without movement there is no life. We were born to move, to hunt, to literary earn a living with our legs and arms. The nature has given us a body that is capable to cross a hundred miles per day. Our body can be as fast and strong as that of wild animal. Would not it be a shame to waste it?

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