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Values Based Leadership Essay


of Values Based Leadership Essay:

Article 1: Secrets of Your Leadership Success – The 11 Indispensable E’s of a Leader
Values based leadership describes application of a number of behavioral patterns that are vital for success in business frameworks and personal relationships. Successful leadership is described as the development of characteristics that provide sustainable growth in talent and skills acquired. Productive leadership enables a company’s management body to express the vision and mission in a way that the subordinates understand individual and group responsibilities. There are eleven characteristics mentioned that are required of a leader and subordinates pick up the useful values by imitating the management (Rao 5).

Subordinates provide higher skill development when led by examples. The leaders need to portray energy in operations. Through mental strength, the leaders will be able to align individual tasks with the overall vision. Enthusiasm describes a value that enables leaders to influence others to take an interest in activities by motivating them. Operations in business concepts will face several challenges and setbacks, endurance describes a leader’s ability to remain calm and rationally explore problem-solving systems.

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Emotional intelligence requires an individual to possess self-awareness, which is useful in managing relationships in both personal and business environments. For employees to drive a company to success, they need to understand what is required of them. Eloquence is the leader’s ability to clear define goals and tasks that will lead to the company’s productivity. True leadership is defined by its outcomes and empowering its employees stands to benefit because challenging people to take responsibility in challenging activities will create confidence when tasks are carried out successfully.

Effectiveness is a trait required of competent leaders, and it is achieved through recognizing skill sets and weaknesses in the workforce. Effective task delegation is achievable by matching activities and group settings based on strengths. Execution serves as the connection between strategies and implementation. Planning without proper execution leads to poor results. A proven record of accomplishment will enable employees to value advice from leaders therefore leaders need to develop an attitude of excellence in responsibilities to be respected. Ethics construct moral responsibility and are instrumental in developing trust between stakeholders based on integrity.

Each of the characteristics stated has been associated with successful skill development in the human resource body. The values construct though pattern mechanisms that define how situations and activities will be tackled. Since a leader is anyone who is able to stimulate better practices carried out by subordinates, self-assessment is necessary to prevent him or her from confusing the employees. Value based leadership exploits social influences that determine how people relate with one another, in an effort to create sustainable cultures that are needed in the specific industry.

The concepts discussed will enable me to communicate better with staff in-group activities. Value based approaches provide specific strategies that can be used in times of crisis. I tend to make hasty decisions in stages of uncertainty at work, but endurance practice provides an opportunity to develop better decision-making systems. Service industries have significant contact with a customer, which requires me to develop eloquence in addressing concerns and disputes. Through accepting challenges as opportunities of growth, I will handle difficult activities effectively and be able to learn from the experience.

Article 2: Leadership Shortcomings: A Values Deficit
The article evaluates challenges faced by companies. Poor leadership results in dissatisfaction exhibited by middle management and subordinate staff. Management that does not address employee welfare will suffer losses from low productivity. Talent development should be prioritized by executive board members. Through close interaction with employees, leaders will be able to gauge skill sets and talents exhibited in workforce. Limited interaction discourages employee evaluation therefore; skill development strategies will have poor success rates.

The article describes true leadership as the ability to develop sustainable systems for realizing organization goals. Value based leadership provides solution for common management challenges communication skills viewed as critical requirements of every leader. Over 30 percent of middle level management evaluated in a study expressed inability to truly bring much needed change in organizations. The middle class management conveyed fears of losing their positions when implementing ideas contradicting the themes approved of top management.

The role of communication in task execution is emphasized and considered as the variable that determines how well strategies steer towards the vision. Leaders ought to create professional relationships that make them accessible because talent development needs assessment. Leaders need to know which tasks they ought to implement and the ones that should be delegated and monitored. The distinction between the two enables leaders to concentrate on the delicate issues. Before ethical description is made, it is important to understand the values that are necessary in the specific companies.

Financial institutions need to develop trust with customers therefore integrity should be the core culture. Fusion of the character traits lead to the desired moral standing in the company. Ethical domains should be applied by all stakeholders inside the company. Top management should not state the desired characteristics and show contradicting behavioral patterns. Leading by example develops the approach displayed by employees in both their professional and personal lives. The elements that construct an efficient leader need to be constantly integrated into an individual’s way of carrying out of activities.

The article describes the importance of maintaining desired values without compromise when faced with challenges. Chelsea Milling Company and Limoneira Company are two examples of organizations that have stood the test of time because of strong leadership practices. Internal decision making mechanisms respect the rights of employees who are valued assets. Unfavorable economic environments did not force the companies’ leadership to disregard ethics and responsibilities enabling establishment of reputations that create customer loyalty. Efficient utilization of already available resources enabled the companies to maximize output.

The main ideas reflected in the article will influence my attitude towards decision making in challenging environments. Leadership is not a genetic disposition it is natured through conscious effort. Developing a personal growth program with values such as persistence, patience, eloquence and ethical systems that consider impact of actions on other will be useful in assessing my ability to utilize successful traits. Noting weaknesses enables me pay specific attention to certain character flaws. The importance of a respectable reputation requires an individual to refuse compromising set structures even when faced with evident undesirable impacts on sales figures.

Distinguishing situations that require my attention from the ones that should be handled by subordinates will ensure that i encourage the employees to accept responsibilities and receive recognition for successful execution of the tasks. Development of values based leadership necessitates habitual practice of the proposed practices in both office and social structures (Ritch 4).

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