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Essay: Why I Want To Be A Nurse?


on a college was a task that I found to be incredibly difficult. Being a school student I never thought that day when I have to choose my future profession will come so soon. I always wanted to do something special, something important and meaningful. But the decision to become a professional nurse didn’t come in a few days. I had to explore many other options before I finally realized what I want to devote my life to. As Virgil said, “Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck.

Your profession is what you were put on earth to do. With such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling”. And I believe that my passion for nursing will help me to make it my calling.

My entire life I was dancing and I dreamt to become a professional dancer. But being a dancer is a very hard work and this path is full of danger and difficulties. I ended up in the hospital several times, getting bruises, pulled muscles and fractures. These were the moments when I realized how much a medical personnel’s attitude to a patient matters, especially when you’re alone and feeling helpless.

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When you’re lying on a hospital bed, feeling depressed and broken, you begin to appreciate every smile, every kind word that has been said to you by a nurse or a doctor. Maybe that was the first time when I began to consider nursing as an option for my future choice of a profession. Besides, several of my friends had talked about going to school for nursing and ever since this idea has always been in the back of my mind.

First I applied to Roger Williams University in Rhode Island and decided to major in Biology. After arriving at college and making myself comfortable with my surroundings, I decided to continue taking chemistry courses as well as many university requirements so I would be able to decide what I truly wanted to major in. In a while, I was offered a position as an Orientation Advisor for incoming students. During orientation, I was able to decide to make Chemistry my major. I also became very involved in the equestrian team and, as a freshman, I planned our yearly spring training trip. As an upcoming sophomore, I was thrilled I had finally chosen a major. On one of the final orientations one of my orientees shared with me how she planned to do an accelerated nursing program after she graduated with a degree in Biology. I thought that it might be a great chance for me too.

After having decided on graduating with a chemistry degree followed by a nursing degree I began to shape how my goal would be achieved. I continued with Orientation as well as the Equestrian team.

My main focus, however, was nursing and I became involved in activities that would help me finally achieve my goal. Doing my research on programs for nursing, I found several options to choose from.

Finally, I decided to return to Philadelphia. This decision was made because Philadelphia has some of the most prestigious nursing schools in the country as well as many opportunities for nurses. After setting up several meetings with the University of Pennsylvania I was able to see that the professors were very serious about their teaching methods and brought out the best in their students.

Immediately my interest was peaked and I wanted to find out more about the school. My first discovery was the nurse anesthesia program, which meant I could combine my passion for Chemistry with my joy for nursing. Working as a Chemistry student I was able to realize the benefits that come from working in the lab – and it is something I find incredibly fascinating. University of Pennsylvania allows students to combine aspects they enjoyed at school with their career goals.

Penn also helps the students to reach their full potential and gives them some of the best opportunities in the nursing world. That was the reason why I choose to enter the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing.

Nursing has always been something that I have felt I would truly enjoy. Several people have told me that it takes a special person to become a nurse, but I believe that nursing or working in a hospital is terrifying to most. The happiness on a person’s face when they are reassured their loved one will return to them is something I would work to see every day. I have always been the type of person who puts everyone before my self. I think nursing is a gift because I gain more happiness from making someone’s day just a little bit better more than if I did everything for myself. Nursing does require a special kind of person, and I believe I am one of those people. Nurses have the ability to ease the fears of the patient and allow them to feel more comfortable with their stay at the hospital.

Nurses are the people that the patients remember most and tell their families about. Penn motivates their students to want to be remembered and it is something I wish to be a part of.

I understand that nursing is not for everyone because being a good nurse is a hard work. Only few of us have the qualities required for helping someone in need. You need to have a strong will, a good understanding of people, and ability to pay attention to the details. To my mind, a good nurse has to know how to support a patient in many different ways, because people get in hospital on different kind of occasions, and every single person needs an individual approach. A nurse has to take care of people with love and understanding. It takes a lot of patience to become this kind of person, but I truly believe that I can make it, and I’m sure that I will be a great nurse.

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