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Ethical Hacking Term Paper


Paper on Ethical Hacking:

Ethical hacking is the activity aimed at the check of the safety of the networks which the help of the computer software used by hackers. In the modern age of information technologies information is the most valuable resource and every institution tries to protect its data in the most effective way.

Nowadays the problem of hacking is very urgent, because nearly every firm and company is attacked by the hackers working for the rival companies trying to steal information to their master.

Naturally, hacking also touches upon the more important institutions, even the strategic ones: ministries, administrations, the networks of the armed forces, etc. Such important institutions are too vulnerable and do their best to keep their priceless data in safety. Very often big business loses millions of dollars because a hacker has stolen the plan of a project and sold this plan to the rival company who has made money on it.

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In order to avoid such a sad scenario every institution tries to protect its data with the help of the latest software and hires professional ethical hackers who check and test the safety of the protection systems with the help of various computer programmes which are generally used by the real hackers.

Today the job of ethical hacking has become so important and required that there are special faculties and courses at colleges and universities which provide the hacker with the certificate of a tester or ethical hacker. Ethical hackers test the safety of the network and then report to the owner of the network about the weak sides and vulnerable places in the system of protection.

Ethical hacking is the important occupation which improves the quality of the protection systems of the organization’s network. The student is able to dwell on the major points of the problem and research it from all sides. The term paper checks the student’s ability to analyze facts and observe the topic of ethical hacking from the alternative point of view. The young professional is asked to carry out a quality and objective research and define the role of this practice, its methodology, relevance, the areas and spheres of use, etc. The student’s task is to evaluate the phenomenon of ethical hacking independently and provide the reader with the examples of this practice.

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