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Female Genital Mutilation Essay


I concur with the arguments made against female genital mutilation (FGM). Martin Luther King Jr. would support that FGM is immoral, wrong, and an outdated culture that serves as an injustice to women. As a result, societies and communities should abandon it completely. The reasons provided by the WHO are the most common ones that societies that practice FGM rely on to validate the rite of passage. It is quite a traumatic experience, considering that the traditional methods and tools are used. It would have been beneficial to add that FGM places serious health risks and concerns for women that undergo the rite of passage due to the lack of proper medical equipment and expertise (Utz-Billing & Kentenich, 2008). The continued undertaking of FGM as a cultural rite of passage within some communities and cultures is immoral.

I like how you explained why the majority of the communities and societies practice FGM in this century. It is sad that female genital mutilation is a process undertaken with an aim of ensuring that girls remain virgins before marriage. I believe that you should have added that the reasons given for undertaking FGM only reveal the low social expectations of women in such cultures (Berg and Eva 842). The fact that such societies expect women to always obey their husbands and only have children when their husbands are ready reveals that women are considered as wives and mothers. I agree that one of the main reasons why FGM still exists is because of the commitment by specific communities and societies towards their traditions.

The main idea behind cultural difference is the varying beliefs between right and wrong. Due to the existence of different cultural values and beliefs, the definitions of right and wrong vary. I believe that the cultural difference argument agrees on the fact that some actions or behaviors are universally wrong or right. I agree with the argument that the presence of different cultural is inevitable.

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