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Film Review Essay Example


Plot: Tim Robbins’s The Dead Man Walking is inspirational that enters on the life of a man who is on death row and a nun who does everything in helping him. The movie is based on a book authored by Sister Helen Prejean. The film portrays both sides as experienced by an offender who is on capital punishment, which is the movie’s primary focus. The film illustrates two persons of opposing characters who at a point form a friendship that that is very unlikely. The video that stars Susan Sarandon as the spiritual advisor to the inmate Sean Penn provides an opportunity where a killer and a multiple offense character finds true salvation in Jesus Christ. Through the scenes and inclusion of the inmate’s criminal acts of murder and rape, the movie provides the viewers and reviewers with an opportunity of analyzing the spiritual perspective of ramification especially of crimes that are thought to be grave like murder.

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Analysis of the Film: Dead Man Walking depicts a nun that becomes a spiritual advisor to an inmate who is on death row. Susan Sarandon effectively plays the part of the nun, Sister Helen Prejean and lives in a poor rural setting in Louisiana, blacks mainly dominate that. She is asked one day to write a letter to an inmate Mathew Poncelet, who is on death row. The inmate is convicted for the crime of rape and murder of two teenagers. The movie is founded on Monotheism as it believes in the presence of one God who has the power to forgive if the sinful person repents. Unexpectedly, her friends reject her for siding with a person whom they term and perceive to be a monster. Ponceletis provided with the execution date, and Sister Helen decides to visit the parents of the two teenagers who were raped and murdered. All the legal appeals to have the sentence lowered are rejected, and death is provided as the only option to avenge the crime committed. She gives the inmate with a Bible and requests him to read it more often. The inmate obliges and proceeds to have meetings with the nun, where they discuss issues relating to Jesus. She assumes the position to make Poncelet identify his mistakes and take personal responsibility for the acts. He is requested by the nun to seek forgiveness for the crimes committed. Despite all these meetings, Poncelet is not convinced to the point of confessing of his sins and the murder of the two victims. He accepts Christ and eventually confesses to his crimes as well as offering an apology to the victim’s parents moments before his execution. Through this, the movie identifies the position of pluralism where persons have varied reasons and opinions towards the administration of justice that they perceive to be true. The nun believes in confession and repentance where as the judicial system believes the true justice is by death penalty. The movie never depicts any form of polytheism as it only defends the originality and existence of one God. this is depicted as the it provides a challenge for Christians to live a life that boldly reflects their faith.

Film Review: The film also provides Non-Christians with clear and accurate references from the Bible concerning repentance. The movie has scenes of political correctness; however, this is restrained. The murder scene is briefly shown in the film, providing the opportunity to the viewer to identify and witness the obscenities of the crime. Scriptures are used significantly to illustrate the central theme of the film and most notably on the rising evil. The movie provides the viewers with the opportunity to assess their practices of attending church, giving service to God as well as offering forgiveness to persons who offend you. According to the movie, these are practices that are extolled at a high price. The film also has scenes that reflect seven capital punishment and obscenities as well as vulgarities. The film has a rating of violence that is moderate which include point-blank shooting as well as rape that is seen from a distance, two images of corpses and rear nudity of a natural female who is dead. Lastly, the movie also provides views of persons smoking and characters of hate and lack of forgiveness.

In conclusion, the movie exposes the negative view of capital punishment and provides and advocacy to other alternative forms of forgiveness. The film identifies that hate as the worst prison and seeks alternative ways to reform the character of persons that are perceived to be grave.

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