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Forensic Psychology Term Paper


Paper in Forensic Psychology:

Forensic psychology is the branch of juridical psychology which is connected with the issues of forensics. Forensic psychology touches upon such issues as forensic psychological examination and its methodology and details. The experts pay attention to the analysis of the legally significant emotional conditions, the legal indicators of sanity, the psychological aspects of the research of the psychological problems of the victims of crime, especially rape; the comparison and understanding of such important for forensics issues as affect and passion; etc.

Naturally, the scope of research in forensic psychology is quite varied, because many crimes are committed in a state of affect or under the influx of negative emotions, as the criminal suffers from various emotional and psychological disorders. It is quite difficult to prove that the suspect is a psychologically healthy person and many criminals try to make a false statement about their fictitious psychological disorders in order to receive lighter penalty.

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Moreover, this branch of psychology is closely connected with medicine, because every suspect is tested on the possession of any psychological disorders which could have caused his illegal behaviour. Forensic psychology works also with the victims of crimes in order to heal their psychological condition and cope with stress and depression which occurs in the majority of cases.

Obviously, many women who suffered from rape and did not receive psychological help – commit suicides being unable to stand that psychological pressure. Finally, the psychology dwells on the peculiarities of the moral damage defining the level of the damage, its type and the sum which should be paid to the victim by the criminal in order to satisfy her needs.

Forensic psychology is the discipline which is focused on the research of the matters on crimes and psychological condition of criminals and victims. The student is able to apply his knowledge about psychology on crime and law and try to research the problem from all possible sides observing the issue on forensic psychology, the methodology of the discipline, the types of tests, experiments, etc in order to discover the details of the psychological condition of both criminals and victims and the emotional background of crimes. The student has to evaluate the problem on forensic psychology efficiently and define its relevance in current times.

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