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Global Politics Term Paper



The present term paper aims at analyzing global issues and challenges that now exist. Awareness is a necessary prerequisite to understanding. In today’s world, everyone must have a degree of literacy regarding the global problems, issues, concerns, and trends that increasingly impact our lives. Global literacy entails reasonable familiarity with global issues that dominate the news. It means every person should know some facts about global issues to be able to analyze others.

The essay characterizes the contemporary international political system for the economy, technology, social classes, cultures, environment problems, theoretical perspectives such as idealism, realism, liberalism and the rich and poor gap.

2. The World Economy. Rich and poor gap.

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The great economic problem for the world in the 21st century is the great gap between rich and poor. Poverty is the state for the majority of the world’s people and nations. In the face of great external effect, poor states and its population stay powerless. As a result, in the world, some become wealthy while the majority stays poor. Besides, the division into social classes opens a new problem that arouses the rich and poor gap.

The Information Age, the high-technology and the role of the Internet, have a great influence on the economic situation in the 21st century. Nowadays, the rule of law, open markets and democracy will be the basis for the wealth creation. That is why in today’s world such tendencies as liberalism, idealism, and realism become very popular and broaden all over the world.

3. Technology and communications.
Science and technology have modified and will continue to modify the way people live in society. We have moved from a manufacturing society to a service and information society that demand a new understanding of the contemporary world of science and technology.

Digital technology – the Internet.
As a tool of communication and technology sharing, the Internet has become a powerful force that is difficult to control. Understanding other people’s languages, cultures, etiquettes, and taboos are necessary for every person. Nowadays it is obligatory for an intelligent person to know the Netiquette – the norms of conducting on the Internet.

The Internet is known as an invisible communications phenomenon. It is used by millions of people every minute. For many people, the Internet is a “room” that is situated somewhere behind their computer screens in cyberspace.

Though the Internet exists for about a decade, it has become the medium of the new network society. The popular and commercial spreading of the Internet has been exceedingly significant – promoting changes in almost every sphere of human activity and society.

The Internet as a new uninvestigated field opens new possibilities to market products and invents the way firms are selling their products. The Internet is a lovely marketing tool with the possibility to customize pages, as well as new promotional systems, giving firms the possibility of communication and promotion effectively by adapting to consumers’ likings.

Summarizing, the Internet marketing is an additional chance for marketers, and surely it changes the rules of the game but does not danger traditional marketing. The Internet marketing is closely connected with the Internet culture that companies should know for a better sale. The knowledge of the netiquette is necessary for everyone who uses the Internet.

Nanotechnology is a “catch-all” description of activities at the level of atoms and molecules that are used in the real world.

Gene therapy is a growing field of medicine in which genes are introduced into the body to treat diseases. Genes control heredity and provide the main biological code to determine specific functions of a cell. Gene therapy seeks to provide genes that correct the disease-controlling functions of cells that are not doing their job. Somatic gene therapy introduces therapeutic genes at the tissue or cellular level to treat a specific individual.

At present, the gene treatments for these complex disease targets are partially effective, but in future advancements in technologies for the delivery of novel genetic medicines promise to result in much improved clinical benefits for these and other human diseases.

Biotechnology is the use of living things to design useful device and products. For centuries people used to bake bread, make cheese and compost, brew beer and wine.

Recent biotechnology was the result of the revelation of the structure of DNA, also known as the building blocks of life. All living things have the DNA structure that makes us who we are. The research conducted by Watson and Crick brought to light how such characteristics as the color of eyes, the athletic ability, and some diseases, go on from generation to generation. This resulted in an outbreak of genetic study and the development of new technologies, and modern biotechnology as well.

New Biotechnologies.
New biotechnologies do not include alterations of features passed on to the following generation. An example is monoclonal antibodies which have many diagnostic uses, involving home pregnancy testing sets. Many biotechnology firms are drawn into these powerful, noncontroversial, technologies.

Mammalian cloning is a new biotechnology that does not include gene modification but is, on the contrary, very controversial. Cloning produces adult mammals via transplantation of a nucleus from adult cells into an egg from which the nucleus has been taken out and permission the egg to develop in a surrogate way. The resulting persons are similar to the grown-ups from which the nuclei were taken. Although this process has deep implications for human reproduction, it does not change particular features of an individual but rather transfers an entire nucleus containing a full set of genetic data.

Genetic engineering can be used in humans to remove or add sick genes. Gene therapy is intended to treat diseases. Potential uses that are not connected with disease, such as the alteration of features like height, are sometimes called genetic betterment. Nowadays, genetic engineering of humans is done on somatic cells. The impacts of this somatic cell gene therapy are restricted to the treated individual. On the contrary, germ gene therapy changes reproductive cells, so that the alteration could be gone on to next generations.

4. Racism.
Racism is still present in the 21st century. The present condition of the Black male in a society is made up of an explosive mixture of irony, paradox, and contradiction.

Due to media stereotypes, brutality and harm have a face, and this face has Black skin. White America also thinks that this image is true; that these images of their youth, living in their society, are real. What they do not manage to do is to get re-educated.

As the 21st Century has come, the whole national Black community is involved in the crisis. It is an all-pervading problem that permeates every part of life in Black America. From education to music, from the economy to social institutions of black people, the changes are having an unfavorable influence on the pillars of Blacks social life.

5. Conclusion.
The given paper analyzes global issues and challenges that exist nowadays. In today’s world, everyone must have a degree of literacy regarding the global problems, issues, concerns, and trends that increasingly impact our lives.
It stresses the particular role of economy, technology, social classes, cultures, environment problems, theoretical perspectives such as idealism, realism, liberalism and the rich and poor gap in the contemporary international political system.

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