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Goals and Objectives Essay Sample


Relationships between senior nursing staff and junior nursing staff are often less ideal than they ought to be. As a discipline that requires significant collaboration between the older and more experienced nurses and the newer group who join. Consequently, this leads nurses to develop coping mechanisms that do not deliver the best quality of service for their respective patients. Equally importantly, the nurses themselves struggle with the process of joining the system, given the fact that they will continue in that structure the rest of their professional careers. Nursing appears to begin with a period equivalent to a mild hazing.

The solution to this period is to help older nurses understand the need to adopt a more enlightened method of education for their staff going forward. Older nurses should opt to inculcate their values to newer nurses in a positive and affirming style. This would happen best in an internship model, where older nurses are able to spend significant time with individual junior nurses. This time would allow them to communicate the valuable and important messages to these fresh faces without themselves needing to carry out the bullying tactics of yesteryear. Moreover, the close relationship would render such mechanisms of instruction obsolete.

Goals and Objectives
The goal of this program will be to set up a three month internship program that brings older nurses and fresh blood together and achieve a thirty percent or more reduction in bullying incidents over the same period. This internship period would help the older nurses work on creating a better working period for their specific understudies. Because each of the new nurses would have a protector, the incidents of bullying would drop reliably. Ultimately, the goal is that at the end of the period all parties would have developed some affection for one another.

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