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Graduation Speech Essay


Greetings Class of 2018, we finally did it. We are finally graduating. We all came to SUNY Purchase as a ‘one-man army’, some of us unsure of the direction to take in life. However, over the years as we experienced the university life in our own way, we got to meet with each other, work on group assignments, and revise for exams together. We are now prepared to move on to the next phase and take on whatever challenges that come next in our lives as we venture out to the various fields that our professions take us.

Fellow graduates, I would like you to know what a great gift it is to be prepared as we have been since not every school offers such a high degree of academic excellence that equips its students for the life after school. With that being said, I take this opportunity to thank the supportive school administration that has guided us on our path and accommodated the new students like myself whom, as you all know, started his educational journey at Florida Atlantic University. Despite the shift in environment, I was able to persevere through all the challenges of moving to a new city that has a fast-paced lifestyle compared to Florida and settle down to focus on my education.

Often, during graduation ceremonies, we tend to look outside for heroes to come celebrate this transition phase with us but today I see heroes and idols right here amongst ourselves. I have realized in my time at SUNY Purchase that we do not have to look that far for idols since we can all be an inspiration to other people by working together tirelessly to achieve the lofty goals that we aspire to. So as you venture out into the world today, rejoice for what you have achieved and think of how you can be an inspiration to the world. Congratulations.

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