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Humanistic Psychology Term Paper


Paper on Humanistic Psychology:

Humanistic psychology is the branch of philosophy which dwells on the research of the human behavior and mind from the point of view of psychological ideas and theories. Humanistic psychology is also the branch of the modern psychology which is aimed at the analysis of the sensual structures of the human being. Humanistic psychology researches such objects as the high moral values; self-actualization of personality; creativity, love, freedom, responsibility, autonomy, psychological health, interpersonal relations, etc.

Humanistic psychology appeared in the USA in the end of 1960s on the basis of psychoanalysis and behaviorism and became the so called the third force. The brightest representative of humanistic psychology is Abraham Harold Maslow, who created a special hierarchy of needs known all over the world. This branch of psychology is based on existentialism.

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Humanistic psychology has such five major principles:

  1. the human being can not be observed as a sum of the separate beings, because she is a single complicated organism;
  2. the human being develops in the circle of the interpersonal relations;
  3. the human being is self-conscious;
  4. the human being has the choice;
  5. the human being has its intentions.

On the basis of humanistic psychology some types of psychotherapy and pedagogy exist. The success of the humanistic psychologist depends on the objective perception of the client, his problems and needs. The psychologist is expected to accept the client, support him, pay attention to the inner anxiety, help with the decision making and solution of the problems in the natural way (the psychologist must not behave artificially. The major aim of humanistic psychology is the analysis of the healthy personality and the research of the factors which can maintain her development.

Humanistic psychology is the interesting topic for the analysis, because nowadays it is supposed to be the most relevant and practical methodology of the study of the human psychics. One should pay attention to the explanation of the basic principles and elements of humanistic psychology, the history of its creation, its roots and connections with philosophy and other psychological branches and theories. The student is able to observe the problem on the definite examples and cases and prove that humanistic psychology is quite a helpful and effective complex of methods for studying a human being.

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