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Inequality in America Essay


In the 19th Century the industrial revolution resulted to various inequalities between the industrialized countries and those which were not. Remarkably, the countries that adopted the use of technology in production of goods and in the delivery of services increased wealth. The use of the technology widened the gap between various countries as some states used the traditional approaches in the production of goods. Besides, the power differences that existed between the countries encouraged the industrializing countries to take advantage of the traditional nations and took their resources. The exploitation created various challenges in foreign relations that lead to poor interactions. Therefore, it is necessary to study the inequality and foreign relations issues to identify how the American society interacted with the world late-19th/early-20th century.

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Phenomenally, the inequality and foreign relations have been assessed by multiple researchers. First, according to Zinn 65, united states was and still remains a classy society where 1percent of the population was able to own 33 percent of the wealth. Indeed, the author is able to demonstrate U.S as a society that has various maldistribution of resources. He noted that even with the introduction of the social programs in the country it did not help to raise the living standards of the poor in the country. On the other hand, Johnson 35, asserts that the failure to consider effective international relations is one of the major factor in encouraging inequalities. He noted that it is important to support institutional development to allow equitable growth a country. Indeed, his argument is more convincing as his focus in describing the creation of United States shows the importance of supporting institutions for various developments in the country.

Moreover, inequality and foreign relations relate to each other various ways. To begin with, inequality is a key problem that is evident in various political systems today. Indeed, the effective understanding of the market power can help in understanding how inequalities result to poor foreign relations. Fundamentally, in the high inequality countries it is the economic growth of the overall income in the country that tends to benefit the rich while the income inequality results to poverty reduction (Collins 123). It is important to understand the income inequality in a country to find the necessary measures to reduces poverty. Notably, in the progressive era there were major reforms that were essential in promoting the role of the government to regulate the business practices. The approach helped to encourage income inequality which was difficult during the previous governments which promoted free markets.

Moreover, it is important to fight inequality in the society to encourage development. The religion has a key role raising awareness about inequality such as taking positive actions to oppose nuclear weapons. Indeed, war result to inequality and poor foreign relations as multiple areas face economic crisis. For instance, the Gulf War which is seen as political approach by George H.W Bush to boost his popularity resulted to destructions that lead to economic challenges (Zinn 44). However, the global inequality has declined but the inequalities in the individual counties has continued to increase. It is important for states to ensure there is effective redistribution of income to strengthen the financial markets and encourage the international relations. The countries should ensure they do not only focus on the economic growth of the country but should find various opportunities to improve the lives of the people who live there. The middle-income countries should establish the appropriate strategy to improve the growth rates through effective foreign relations.

Besides, inequality results to social instability. Indeed, it encourages issues such as crime which makes a country to be viewed as insecure by other countries. The poor people in a country become miserable and hopeless and they start to seek refuge in the neighboring countries. Indeed, the government should seek effective strategies that will help in promoting equality as it plays a key role in encouraging a society that relates with nations effectively.

All in all, it is important to establish the relationship of inequality and foreign relations to find necessary strategies to develop a country. First, United States has been identified as a classy society that has not achieved equality as there is maldistribution of resources. The multiple strategies such as, the introduction of social programs has not helped in the achievement of equality in the country. Besides, the failure to consider effective foreign relations has resulted to the inequalities. There is need for institutional development to assist in the achievement of equitable growth in the country. Besides, it is important to understand the market power to understand how inequalities results to poor foreign relations. The development in income equality can help in encouraging reduction of poverty in the country. Indeed, I addressing inequality the government should collaborate with other stakeholders such as non-profit organizations to help in encouraging suitable foreign relations.

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