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Interpretive Summary Example Term Paper


Essentially, the terminator film incorporates a stop motion which is an animation technique whereby the artist physically moves toys in that it appears to move on its own. It works by the toys being moved in small increments, then photographed in a single frame and afterwards moved gently and photographed once more. Doing this again and again builds an illusion of locomotion when there is a faster sequence played in the film series frames.

‘The Terminator’ refers to an assassin sent to kill Sarah Connor. Connor’s son, who is yet to be born, would save humanity from machines in a post-apocalyptic future. In addition, Kyle Reese, a upcoming fighter, sent eventually to safeguard Connor, is played by Michael Biehn. The Terminator goes to Los Angeles and eventually stole guns and cloths (Cameron). Nevertheless, a 2029 human soldier arrives shortly, steals clothing and runs away from the sheriffs. Apparently, the Terminator turns to be a serial killer attempting to kill Sarah and then locates the telephone address list containing their contacts.

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Moreover, after successful murdering of people by the name Sarah Connor, it goes ahead and tracks the last location of Sarah Connor who is in a night-club. However, she was saved by Kyle. They stole a car and escaped although they were pursued by the terminator in a police car (Cameron 1984). Nevertheless, Sarah and Kyle escaped by a whisker the terminator’s attack and rushed to the parking lot where they hid. While in there they talked about the artificial intelligence security system referred to as Skynet that would later become functional in near future and eventually launch artificial intelligence extermination. Her unborn son would gather the troopers and lead a resistance close to victory.

Further, Skynet sent the Terminator to have Sarah killed before the birth of John, to halt him from leading the resistance. It is an effective killing machine that had a powerful metallic endoskeleton and an outer layer of living tissues making it look like a person. After another encounter with The Terminator, Kyle and Sarah are apprehended by the police where Kyle was declared by psychologist Dr. Silber man as being in a state of delusion and paranoid (Cameron 1984). Additionally, the Terminator regenerates its body and attacks at least seventeen soldiers in an attempt to find exact location of Sarah. Meanwhile, this is the reason why Kyle and Sarah are continuously running to find a secure place where they can hide.

Eventually, both Sarah and Kyle hide in a hotel where they plan their next move. Apparently, Kyle confesses that he has fallen in love with Sarah and thus had sex. On the other hand, The Terminator kills Sarah’s mother and mimics her voice in a phone call to Sarah. Moreover, they escaped using a pick up on realizing that the Terminator was still pursuing them. The Terminator locates them and chases them on a motorcycle, and in the process Kyle gets injured by gunfire in an attempt to attack the terminator with bombs. Sarah hits the terminator but their truck loses control and flips over.

On an attempt to run down Sarah in a tank truck, Kyle slid and initiates an outburst that results in Terminator’s body being burned. However, the terminator regenerates and chases them to the nearby factory where Kyle ignites the factory machinery to bewilder it. Nevertheless, he constructs pipe bomb and inserts into terminators abdomen and tears the terminator apart consequently leading to Sarah’s injury and his death. Terminators regenerate again grabbing Sarah who breaks free and crushed it by luring into a hydraulic press. Eventually, she travels to Mexico while recording an audio for her unborn baby boy contemplating whether to tell him who his father is. A boy photographs her and sells the photo to her, for her son to give Kyle.

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