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Natural World Essay


In a contemporary society, many people perceive human beings as superior to all other things, including nature and the creations in it. Such a perception shows just how people do not understand the significance of the natural world. In this discussion, the focus is on establishing possible reasons that could have led to the current phenomenon.

The wrong perception could be attributed to the materialistic nature of modern society. The world has experienced a significant transformation in the last century where money is the focus of everything that people do in their lives. The result of these changes could be seen by the destruction of the natural environment to create space for other economic activities that could earn people more money. Many people perceive the natural environment as an idle land and a waste of space. Interestingly, these transformations are the primary cause of the destruction of nature. Lack of education also plays a crucial role in the destruction of the environment. Most people engage in activities that hinder the progress on the natural environment without their knowing the consequences of their actions.

In this sense, education stands out as a significant influence on what the natural world would be in the future. Therefore, this discussion proposes that education could be the solution to people’s perception of the natural world. Schools are useful in imparting necessary knowledge on the learners and could play an important role in behavior change among the people. However, governments and other stakeholders should also take active roles in informing the public about the significance of the natural world. Media could greatly help in the transmission of messages and information to the masses to teach them about the importance of preserving their natural world.

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