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Outside Speech Analysis


The outside speech analysis begins with the study of the personality of the speaker and the audience. Regarding this paper the speech “Estimating the costs of new drug development: is it $802 million?” by Christopher Adams.

First of all, it should be said that Christopher Adams is an economist who researched the problem of development of new drug and its costs. In his speech, he argues as for the prices suggested by other specialists, and he appeals to the members of the Federal Trade Commission attempting to persuade them that the costs of the development of drugs defined as approaching $802 million are wrong and should be re-examined.

In fact, the speaker is quite critical concerning previous research, and he practically denies the conclusions made by other studies. Instead, he informs the audience about the research of his own and attempts to persuade the members of the Federal Trade Commission in his righteousness.

In this respect, it is quite impressive to discuss the extent to which the speaker sounds persuasive briefly. He builds his argument around statistical data collected in the result of his research and contrast it to the data received by the Commission from other researchers. At first glance he sounds quite persuasive but, on the other hand, a lot of statistical information the speaker uses in his speech makes the audience a bit bored and overweighed by figures, even though they are quite ‘eloquent’ and persuasive.

Obviously, this put the audience at risk to lose attention to the speech and its contents that is probably the most important condition of a success of any speech, i.e., keeping the attention of the audience. In such a situation it is possible to recommend to the speaker to use less statistical information but in the critical parts of the speech to use figures as essential arguments of his speech.

At the same time, the speech is well organized and logical. The speaker expresses his ideas and defends his position attempting to persuade the audience in his righteousness. He divisions speech into introduction, body, and conclusion, in which he raises the problem, discusses it and concludes with appealing to the audience to agree with his views that the speaker has been attempting to do by arguments and facts constituting the body of the paper.

Furthermore, the style of the speech was also quite good since the language was understandable and corresponding to the professional level of the audience. The speaker also skilfully used proper terminology where it was necessary.

Finally, the speech was delivered quite good, to a significant extent because the speaker maintained rapport with the audience. For the speaker delivered the speech from his memory, he managed to maintain eye contact with the audience being quite natural while speaking. Also, he used his voice quite effectively since it was loud enough and clear.

Thus, in general, the speech may be considered satisfactory since it is quite persuasive through the abundance of statistics and the lack of emotions deteriorate the general impression from the speech.

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