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Interpersonal Situation Essay

The situation described here includes the conversation between the marketing manager in the author’s organisation and the project manager. As the author was a witness to the talk, observation led to the conclusion that the conversation could have greatly benefited from an increased understanding from both parties. This interpersonal situation is deemed to be highly detrimental to work progress and therefore needs improvement. The interaction is considered from the behavioural, humanistic, and psychoanalytic viewpoint to consider possible solutions and receive insights into personality dynamics.

1. Situation Description
Frank Brown, Marketing Manager, has long been confident that the course taken by the project is completely wrong and is doomed to fail. He had long thought that the ideas of our boss were ineffective and unrealistic, but felt reluctant to share this with him. In this conversation, however, he simply exploded, telling the project manager, Brian Graham, what he thought of his ideas.

Frank began by reporting about his findings during the preparation of the marketing plan. As he was sharing his insights, Brian once again expressed his dissatisfaction over delays in Frank’s work. He state: “Once again, you are not able to meet the deadline for your marketing plan. I just remind you that our company places special emphasis on meeting deadlines, as I have already told you more than once”. Continue reading