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Lesson Plan Term Paper


The lesson plan is aimed at children of age 7 to 9 years old. The objective of the lesson is to provide information about the laws of nature in order to show that human beings are also animals and part of their behavior is determined by instincts.

The lesson will educate children about the difference between instincts and learned behavior and how important it is for their survival in the wild nature. They will also learn about the connection between instincts and behavior. The children will learn about the importance of the instincts in the human life that will allow them to understand human nature better and see human being as an organic part of nature.

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Some of _________ behaviors are _________, or traits that the ________ is born with, and some are learned behaviors, or ________ that were __________ to the animal, often by its parent. For example, proboscis monkeys have an instinct for swimming (they never ______ how to do it), but they must ______ ways to cross a crocodile-infested river safely. Humans _____________ use their voices to communicate (newborn babies ___ when they want something), but in order to speak, they must _____ their language. Dolphins ___________ know how to swim, but trainers at an aquarium can teach them to swim certain ways—or do “tricks”—on ________. Many _______ animals, such as wolf and dog pups and lion ______, are born with an ________ for rough ______ with their siblings, but some may ______ the hard way not to play rough with a larger adult of the species. (school.discovery.com)

Instructional game

The game should involve four students. The students are to split in a group of two. The first group has to describe a particular habit of any animal and the goal of the second group is to figure out how the environment the animal lives in contributed to the development of that habit. Then the groups will change the roles.

Each team can also pick up a single animal and research about its habits instead of using examples of different habits of different animals.

The student may start with the simple habits and go to the more complicated ones that will require some creative thinking from the responding teem. The teacher may provide some samples of the habits and their importance in the animal’s life. The game will help students to understand the importance of connection between habits and environment. They will also learn to use their thinking to understand the developments of animals and their ability to survive in different conditions.

Children can also use dies to select an animal they will ask about. By rolling the die for the first time they will determine the type of vertebrate 1 or 2 = mammal, 3 or 4 = reptile, 5 = bird, 6 = amphibian Second roll (size): 1 or 2 = small (1 ounce to 30 pounds), 3 or 4 = medium (31 to 99 pounds), 5 or 6 = large (100 pounds and over). (school.discovery.com) Children can do further researching on the web.


  • What types of instinct do you know?
  • How the appearance of the animal reflects its behavior?
  • What role the learned instincts have in the animal’s life?
  • How instincts learned by parent animal influence its animal’s life?
  • What is the role of the winter sleep for the bear?
  • What main instincts do you know?
  • What is the role of migration for animals?
  • Why is homing instinct so important to a bear?
  • What role do animal instincts play in human life?
  • What learned instincts you can find in your life?

The Web site

The web page that can be used for learning about animals is Cyber Zoomobile that can be found at http://home.globalcrossing.net/~brendel/. The resource is reach in information and will allow children to learn about any animal they wont. It also provide large amount of visual information that attracts children and make understanding easier. The resource can be used for the instructional game since it can provide all the necessary information.
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