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Art History Term Paper:

Art history is the complex discipline which encompasses the research of the examples of visual arts from the beginning of the human civilization to modern times. People started expressing their talents in depicting of the surrounding world many thousands years ago. At first people drew pictures of animals on the rocks and today people can fascinate with these examples of the prehistoric art. Later on people started to create such pieces of art as small statues, ceramic urns, etc. More than three thousand years ago the art of architecture and sculpture was well-developed and some examples of that era can be observed even today. Painting is considered one of the most important forms of art, so much attention is dedicated to the research of the masterpieces of the famous artists from Middle Age, Renaissance, etc.

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Art history is the discipline which studies the forms, types, variations of art, rules and standards, theory and methodology of art. Art history is closely connected with literature, law, history of the world, because every piece of art reflects the events, values and world view of people of the period when it was created. With the help of art the historians are able to see the clothes, architecture, way of life of the people of the definite period recorded in a certain masterpiece. So, art history is an extremely important discipline which provides people with information and knowledge about the world which can not be found in a book.

Art history is a complicated discipline which requires much time, attention and interest. If a student is asked to complete a good term paper on art history, he will have to spend much time to plan the writing process of the paper, because it is not easy to describe all the periods of art in the cover of a single paper. Nevertheless, students are expected to be good at history and present a short description of every historical period and include the most important examples of the masterpieces which appeared at that time. Evidently, the paper is supposed to be logical, informative and well-analyzed. One should write the paper attentive in order not to miss a single period and break the logical line of the research.

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