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Term Paper on Atonement


Paper on “Atonement”:

Atonement is a novel written by Ian McEwan, which describes the role of a writer and mistakes which can influence the human life negatively and chase the person till the end of her life. The novel was published in 2001 and became quite famous at once and a film was shot on its basis. The book differs from the previous works of the writer greatly being more philosophic, deeper and discreet. The novel contains of three chapters and postscript and every part presents the events from the different time lines. The main characters of the book are Briony, a little 13-year-old girl who is interested in writing and probably has well-developed skills required for it; Cecilia, her older sister and Robbie, the son of the Briony’s family housekeeper who fell in love with Cecilia. Briony becomes the reason of the unhappy events which prevent Cecilia and Robbie from being together and in the difficult times of the World War 2 Robbie becomes a soldier and the two sisters Briony and Cecilia – nurses.

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The postscript is written from the point of view of the old Briony who is dying from dementia and she writes that Cecilia and Robbie died during the war and she can not change this fact. The only thing she can is to write about their happiness as a couple in a book to atone herself. The book touches upon many problems, including family relations, love, friendship, the fear of war, lie, self-reproach, etc.

Atonement is called a family novel, because it can be interesting to all categories of readers: mature and young. If one wants to research the problems of the novel and prepare a good Atonement term paper, he will have to read the book attentively and look through the critics and analysis of the famous writers and experts. It is important to depict all the characters of Atonement and define their role in the novel, present their psychological portraits and deep analysis. One can present a brief plot of the novel and illustrate all the problems reflected in the text and analyze them scrupulously. In the end one should evaluate the book professionally and define its relevance and importance for the modern literature.

If one wants to succeed in the process of writing, he will have to apply for the help of the professional and read a free example term paper on Atonement in the Internet. The help of such a paper is solid, because it is not easy to analyze a novel oneself and define all the themes and problems which are worth attention. A free sample term paper on Atonement prepared by an expert can teach students to format the paper well and compose the right structure for the paper.

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