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Term Paper on Disassembler


Term Paper:

Disassembler is a translator which converts the machine code, object file or library modules into the text of the program in the assembly language.

Disassemblers are divided into stand-alone and interactive according to the regime of their application by users. The brightest example of a stand-alone disassembler can serve Sourcer. Such disassemblers prepare a full listing which can be later edited in the word processor. The example of an interactive is IDA, which can change the rules of disassembling and provides the expert with the opportunity of reverse engineering. There are single and multipass disassemblers which differ according to their functions. There are a few difficulties related with the work with disassemblers, for example, it is difficult to differentiate the data from the machine code, so, on the initial pass of the stand-alone and interactive disassemblers the experts collect information about boundaries of procedures and functions, and on the finite pass the final listing is formed.

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Interactivity can improve this process considerably, because when the programmer observes the dump of the disassembled area of the memory, he is able to define the string constants, to give the informative names to the entry points and comment about the disassembled fragments of the program.

The most common application of a disassembler is the analysis of the program and its components, the source code of which is unknown with the purpose of modification, hacking and breaking its code. Another function of the process of disassembling is the correction of errors or bugs in programs and compilers or the analysis and optimization of the machine code created by the compiler.

Disassembler is the translator which provides the experts with the opportunity to define the source code of the chosen program for its manipulation.

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