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Term Paper on Employment Generation in Nigeria


Generation in Nigeria Term Paper:

Employment generation is the policy which is aimed at the increase of the employment rates among the citizens of the definite country. It is natural, that if the employment rates are low, the development of the country is poor. Employment depends on the great number of factors: education, social programs, material basis, existence of plants and factories, etc. Of course, all these things require financial and law support from the side of the government, so the country has to carry out numerous reforms to improve the level of employment and its economy as well.

Nigeria is the country in Western Africa, which has a great potential for the development, but requires political background for it. Nigeria is considered to be quite a poor country because of the high rates of unemployment, so the government of the country and the international community has worked out a plan for the intensive employment generation in Nigeria aimed at the improvement of the quality and level of life of the state.

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The most important step for the improvement of the employment situation is the educational reform, which improves the quality of the people’s education, knowledge and professional skills. There are many spheres in the country which require knowledge and professionalism in the social relations and services. Moreover, there are services which do not require deep intellectual skills but still can involve millions of hands, for example, oil and heavy industry. The country has a great amount of mineral resources and if it invests money into the production, it can become one of the most developed countries on the continent.

Employment generation in Nigeria is quite an interesting topic for the research, because it involves student’s creativity, professional skills in the wide field of research. The student should analyze the current condition of employment sector in Nigeria, dwell on the reasons of its problems and poor condition and then think about the most efficient and constructive solutions to the problem. One is able to observe the potential of the country and design a great program for the development of employment in several sectors of Nigeria’s economics. Finally, one is able to predict the possible growth of the quality of life and employment on the basis of the generated reforms.

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