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Term Paper on Epilepsy


Term Paper:

Epilepsy is a mental disease with a chronic course, which is characterized with the attacks of the disorders of consciousness, which are accompanied with seizures. According to the current understanding epilepsy is a chronic disease of the human brain, characterized with seizures, emotional and psychopathic disorders.

It is important to differentiate epilepsy and epileptic syndromes which occur during various brain injuries and intoxication. The epileptic seizure starts suddenly and sometimes the patient feels its approaching (epileptic aura), headache and irritation. There are two major types of epilepsy: inherited or genuine and secondary. The first type is characterized with the fact, that epilepsy is inherited in the genetic way and the patient will feel its consequences already in infantry and young adultery.

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Secondary epilepsy is the result of other disorders which affect the human brain. Sometimes epilepsy is caused by tumours, injuries, infections, chronic alcohol abuse, etc. Epilepsy alters the activity of nervous system, alters the human psychics and reduces the intellectual abilities. Epileptic seizure is accompanies with the muscle seizures of the whole body, the human can stop breathing, the colour of her face becomes blue, he vomits and the seizure stops and the patient falls asleep.

The “small” epileptic seizure is characterized with the loss of consciousness but the patient does not have seizures. It is quite difficult to cure epilepsy and this process if long, time and energy consuming. The patient has to follow numerous therapies, consume special medicine which prevent seizures and spend time with psychologist who teaches the patient to control his emotions and resist seizures.

Epilepsy is a complicated issue for the analysis, because the student is supposed to study the cause and effect of the disorder, the types of epilepsy, its symptoms, treatment and complexities which can be observed on the way of treatment. The student is able to prepare an effective term paper if he looks though several original cases on epilepsy and studies the patients’ symptoms, the character of the disorder and the approach towards their treatment. One should collect enough facts for the research in order to observe the issue on epilepsy from all possible sides and make the research useful for the student’s background knowledge.

The young professional has the chance to complete a well-formatted term paper which would satisfy the professor’s requirements if he follows a piece of advice written in a free example term paper on epilepsy online. Such papers are quite helpful for the inexperienced students, because they illustrate the approach towards writing, formatting and composition of the text. A free sample term paper on epilepsy is able to provide students with efficient assistance which would improve the quality of their assignments.

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