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Term Paper on GSM


Term Paper:

Global System for Mobile Communications is the global standard of the international digital cell communication used all over the world and supported by the mobile phones. The standard was created in the end of 1980-ies and since that time it has been used everywhere. GSM was designed in 1987 and was supposed to be the European standard of cell communication and it belongs to the cellular network of the second generation (2G) which replaced the previous system.

The success of GSM could not be argued, because it broadened the user’s abilities. GSM improved the quality of the transmission of voice and provided clients with the options of SMS and the access to the Internet. The fist telephone communication in the history of GSM occurred in 1991. The first companies which built the network supporting this standard were Telenokia and Siemens. Nowadays this is a single company Nokia Siemens Networks.

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GSM is the most widespread standard. In 2000 the number of the users was more than 550 million people. Nowadays there are more than 4,4 billion users in 234 countries of the world. In spite of its popularity, the next 3G cellular network generation is competing for the leadership, because it enables to transmit more information in the shorter terms than GSM. GSM is the standards which enable to conduct such operations: transmit the voice; send the short textual messages (SMS); multimedia messages (MMS); the options of fax and the Internet.

GSM is the international cellular network standard which serves for the whole planet to exchange information and make telephone calls. The student who is asked to prepare a good GSM term paper should study the topic from all sides and define its major strong and weak sides. The main task of every student is to explain the meaning if GSM, the structure, functions, options, opportunities provided by the standard, etc. The young professional is also able to compare the 1G, 3G and GSM (2G) standards in order to define its advantages and disadvantages. It is important to evaluate the standard objectively and define its role for the humanity today.

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