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Term Paper on International Monetary System


Monetary System Term Paper:

International monetary system is a financial system that consists of institutions and regulators that function on the international level in comparison with the ones that work on national or local levels.

The main participants of international monetary system are international financial institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements, national agencies and departments, for example, central banks, private institutions that work on the international level, for example, banks and hedge funds and regional departments.

International monetary system embraces three types of financial markets – stock market, foreign exchange market and commodity market. Stock market operates securities: stocks, bills, certificates of deposit, bonds, etc.

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This market controls and maintains the appropriate and legal functioning of business of the international level. Foreign exchange market operates the most important currencies of the world, for example, the US dollar, euro, pound sterling, the Japanese yen, etc. With the help of this market, it is possible to balance the rates of the most important currencies of the world on their right level.

Commodity market carries out financial operations using oil, gold, sugar, grain, etc. There are three most important participants on international monetary system – banks and multinational corporations; international investors (insurance and investment funds); international borrowers (state governments, international and national organizations). Nowadays it has become obvious that the process of globalization influences international monetary system seriously and every country can not exist independently, as all the national monetary systems are interconnected and affect one another; no wonder, the financial crisis in one country can cause the same crisis in other countries.

International monetary system is a good topic for the analysis for everyone who is interested in economics. It is possible to focus on the research of this problem and try to observe it from all possible sides in order to provide your professor with the quality and completely original term paper.

Every term paper should be well structured, contain up-to-date and trustworthy facts and illustrate international monetary system from its all angles. One should mention its structure, its functions, the principles of its work, its importance for the global economy and its strong and weak sides. In the end, it is necessary to evaluate this topic objectively and draw the right conclusions.

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