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Term Paper on Israel


Term Paper:

Israel is the country in South-West Asia on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. It borders on Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Jordan. The country got its independence in 1948 on the basis of the UNO resolution of 1947. According to the Declaration of Independence Israel is the Jewish state, but at the same time the country is a multinational democratic state, where the representatives of other races, nationalities and religious views have the same rights and freedoms as the Jews have. For example, there are Christians, Muslims and Arabian representatives in the parliament. The major aim of Zionism was the creation of the Jewish country and the main Zionists decided to establish the country on the territory of Palestine. From the 80s of the 19th century there were thousands of migrants from Eastern Europe to the territory of Palestine.

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In the run of time special Zionistic organizations were established which supported migrants and provided them with everything they needed on the new land. During the time of World War 1 Near East was the arena of military conflicts between Turkey and the countries of the Triple Entente. Turkey relied on the forces of Arabs who were against Jewish colonization of Palestine and the conflict became even more severe. Since the middle of the 20th century there have been several wars between Arabs and Jews and the conflicts last even at present time. In spite of the fact that the country is very young, it is already supposed to be among the most developed countries in the world because it has been developing following the European standards and carrying out the reforms popular in the democratic world.

Israel is a South-West Asian country which stays in the same row with the leading countries of the world and the student is able to analyze the peculiarities of the country and its structure, policy and economics for the personal development. The student is expected to present a brief history of the origin of Israel, the long way of its development, its problems, strong and weak sides of its position, economics, politics, etc. The student can mention the difficult fate of the country and its numerous wars and conflicts with the surrounding states and evaluate the place of the country on the international arena.

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