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Term Paper on Motivation in the Workplace


in the Workplace Term Paper:

The success of every company depends on the great number of factors: the qualification of the employees, quality of production, competition on the market, etc, but all these factors are not important if the employer does not possess leadership skills and can not motivate the staff to work hard for the common profit of the company. So, in order to motivate employees to work hard a boss should demonstrate his leadership skills and define the goals which should be achieved by the company. It is important to think soberly and set only true to life goals and never demand anything impossible from the staff. Then, one should manage to prove to the employees that the work they fulfill is important for the development of the company and for everyone in particular.

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This will make them work harder and devotedly. The boss should set the direct goals for the work of every employee, because the work will be of higher quality if one knows what he must do definitely. In order to manage the wok well the boss should create a proper structure of the company, because if the structure is understandable and strict, the employee knows where to solve his problems and who controls the process of work. A very important way to motivate people is the reduction of the number of rules, because if the employee is not pressed by the rules, observations and constant testing, he works much better. A very important factor is the credit and respect. If the boss respects and believes in the skills and creativity of every employee and gives opportunities for advancement, the work will be more effective. Finally, the financial reward is one of the most effective types of motivation, because people will work hard if they know that they will be paid much.

A well-organized motivation in the workplace term paper is expected to be logical, informative and contain only interesting and reliable data. A student who is investigating the problem should dwell on the methods which are used for the increase of motivation of the employees and define their advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, a student is supposed to present his own effective methods of motivation to demonstrate his knowledge and awareness about the importance of motivation and its techniques in the workplace.

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