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Term Paper on Music Therapy


Therapy Term Paper:

Music therapy is the psychotherapeutic method, which uses music as a kind of medicine. The term ‘music therapy’ is quite controversial and many scientists believe the purpose and the nature of this method is different. For example, some scientists say that the term means the use of music in treatment, rehabilitation and education of children and grown-ups, who suffer from the psychological diseases and disorders. Then, there is a variant, that music therapy is the systematic use of music for the treatment of the physiological and psychosocial aspects of the disease or a disorder. Finally, music therapy is the use of music for the educational purposes, development of creativity and bringing up. Music therapy is a specific discipline which is closely connected with neurophysiology, psychology, reflexology, music psychology, etc.

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The discipline is becoming more and more popular nowadays as one of the effective methods of bringing up and development of a personality in the changing and dynamic modern world. There are several key types of music therapy: receptive, active and integrative. Receptive (passive) music therapy is characterized with the fact that a patient does not take the active part in the process of treatment. He is a common listener and the experts just observe the reaction of the patient and his organism to the different types of music. Active music therapy is the integration of the patient into the process of work with the music material, for example, singing, playing a music instrument.

Integrative music therapy is the complicated method which combines music material with other activities, for example, drawing during listening to music, pantomime, making poems, etc.

The topic of music therapy is quite interesting but many scientists do not believe in the validity of its results. A student who has chosen to write a music therapy term paper should read a lot about it to improve his knowledge and to learn something new about the problem. One is expected to explain the meaning and the aim of music therapy, present its types, methods and illustrate the effect of the certain types of music of the human body and soul on the direct examples. A student should dwell on the practical value of music therapy and draw wise conclusions which can support his point of view.

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Custom Term Paper on Music Therapy

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