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Term Paper on the History of Medicine


of Medicine Term Paper:

The history of medicine is the science which studies the scientific, social and technological development of medicine. From the time immemorial medicine has divided into the two main categories: therapy and surgery. Some doctors cured and cure the disorders of the inner part of the human body in complex with the sanitary means internal medicine is prescribed; and others pay more attention to the disorders of the outer part – damage of bones, muscles and organs, which require surgical intervention.

This informal division of medicine into outer (surgery) and inner (therapy) exists even today but with the run of time these two branches has divided into more definite subdivisions forming the wide tree of the system of healthcare, which embraces all possible sort of medical help to the patient.

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The necessity of curing diseases has always existed in the human society and the first doctors appeared thousands of years ago and they tried to cure their patients with the help of positive qualities of plants and religious rites. In Ancient Egypt, India, Greece medicine already had quite a distinct character and the first doctors tried to understand the nature of the diseases, they studies the structure of the human body, tried to diagnose their patients correctly and provide them with the right help. They studied the effect of different plants, minerals, substances on the human health and created the first remedies. Moreover, they were already able to cure the breach of bones and other problems. With the run of time medicine has developed to such an extent that there are hardly any diseases which can not be cured. Furthermore, the rapid development of medical technologies has improved the human health, prolonged the life, etc.

The history of medicine is the essential topic for every student who wants to become an outstanding doctor, because the knowledge about the achievements of the previous generations will enable to understand the tempo and the nature of the development of medical technologies.

The student who is researching the issue on the history of medicine should rely on the up-to-date sources which demonstrate the route of the gradual improvement of medicine through the centuries. One should take many efforts to make the paper look logical and systematic, as one has to cover the major achievement is medicine and the prominent doctors who have been recorded in the history of medicine.

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