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Token Economy in the Classroom Essay


The token economy is an effective method for modifying behavior and ensuring progress in children with mental disorders and autism. I have created a token economy to help children with autism to address intellectual and communicating components of wellness. Children with autism usually experience problems with attention concentration; therefore, they are hard to learn to read. To help the first-grade students aged from 6 to 8 years with high and moderate levels of autism, I decided to encourage them to develop reading and communicating skills with the help of token economy.

The stickers are used as token to motivate the students for reading and communicating. The stickers with colorful flowers on them are beneficial in drawing the attention of autistic students. The teachers give 3 stickers to students who will finish the assign reading task on time. Moreover, students will receive 2 stickers for communicating with fellow students.

The students at the age of 6-8 years usually work hard to achieve some tangible reinforcers. Therefore, to motivate students with autism to perform reading exercises, I propose to offer them the tangible reinforcers, such as toys and stationery. The students can exchange 3 stickers with a drawing book and colors. The 2 stickers are exchangeable with a toy. To motivate the students, reinforcers are given immediately after the completion of an assigned task. For the tokens, I propose to use stickers with the pictures of colorful flowers on them. The tokens can be delivered at different intervals of time. For example, if the child can achieve 5 stickers during the one lesson, the student should rest at least 15 minutes before starting to achieve the next token.

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