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Toxic Charity Essay


The healthcare toxic charity problem of medical communication influences working responsibilities between a nurse and a patient since a charity approach has occurred in terms of the current social model. It is vital of importance to claim that professionalism and charity or volunteering have produced controversial results.

Therefore, it is essential to describe the mentioned idea through the experience and prism of the practical point of view.

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My story relates to the particular issue because I have working practice at St. Michael hospital, where heads of the hospital decided to have a cooperation with people who would like to provide help in the sphere of psychological adaptation of the patients. Most of the volunteers did not have the professional educational background or represented nursing certificates only and, as a result, became the reason for the negative result and performances of the patients.

Thus, according to the own point of view, the story of mine is connected with the local case in the hospital, but there is the tendency of the educational lack in the context of the global level. The issue of the toxic charity is visible both from the perspective of the hospital as well as volunteers where heads of the clinic want to provide people with work and the charity makers aim to help patients. Such a problem influences the hospital organization and charity systems. It is necessary to create a system of the charity which would be able to analyze specific fields and create particular offers for people who would like to propose personal assistance.

To sum up, the mentioned case of the cooperation between professional medical institution and volunteering organization illustrates a negative feature of the toxic charity. Therefore, good intentions of the charity should be curated by both emotional as well as rational forces. Wise decisions within charity phenomenon and budget allocation should be explicitly discussed with the representatives of the engaged fields.

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