Term Paper on Employment Generation in Nigeria

Employment Generation in Nigeria Term Paper:

Employment generation is the policy which is aimed at the increase of the employment rates among the citizens of the definite country. It is natural, that if the employment rates are low, the development of the country is poor. Employment depends on the great number of factors: education, social programs, material basis, existence of plants and factories, etc. Of course, all these things require financial and law support from the side of the government, so the country has to carry out numerous reforms to improve the level of employment and its economy as well.

Nigeria is the country in Western Africa, which has a great potential for the development, but requires political background for it. Nigeria is considered to be quite a poor country because of the high rates of unemployment, so the government of the country and the international community has worked out a plan for the intensive employment generation in Nigeria aimed at the improvement of the quality and level of life of the state. Continue reading

Term Paper on Fort Sumter

Fort Sumter Term Paper:

Fort Sumter is a sea fort which is situated in Charleston Harbour, in South Carolina. The fortification is mostly famous for its serious role in the American Civil War, because the military conflict started just from the Battle of Fort Sumter which occurred on April 12, 1861 giving the beginning of the war.

Of course, such a historical place is protected by the country and the fort is supposed to be the example of the US military courage. Fort Sumter is named after General Thomas Sumter, who is known to be the hero of Revolutionary War. The process of construction started in 1812 and very soon the fort was built and served for the protection of the Southern coasts of the country. The fort could be the shelter for more than 650 soldiers and their ammunition. Continue reading

Term Paper on the Dust Bowl

The Dust Bowl Term Paper:

The Dust Bowl which is often called The Dirty Thirties is the difficult period in the US and Canadian history characterized with the severe dust storms which caused serious harm to the agriculture of these countries. The problem lasted from 1931 to 1939. The phenomenon was caused by strong drought in combination with the unreasonable and unskilful agricultural land management. The farmers failed to organize their work in the right way and failed to save their lands from wind erosion.

They could plant trees, manage soil terraces and shelterbelts, practise the method of crop rotation, etc. So, because of the anthropogenic (extensive methods of agriculture and soil degradation) and natural (drought) factors, the USA and Canada suffered from serious crisis in the sphere of agriculture. Continue reading

Encryption Term Paper

Term Paper on Encryption:

Encryption is the process of ciphering the information with the aim of limiting the access of the third people towards it. Only the people who are aware about the meaning of the codes or ciphers can read the information, so this process is closely connected with confidentiality of the transmitted information.

The major principle of the algorithm of encryption is the use of the key, which defines the meaning of the set of ciphers used in the definite algorithm. The users are supposed to be authorized if they have the access towards the authentic key and can take part in ciphering and deciphering.

Encryption consists of the two main processes – ciphering and deciphering and the whole difficulty of the process is to create the rules and norms which would make encryption as understandable and easy as possible for the authorized users. Encryption is used for the maintenance of the confidentiality of information during its transmission and preservation. Continue reading

Term Paper on Dynamic Linker

Dynamic Linker Term Paper:

Dynamic linker is the process in computer sciences which characterized with the element of the operating system which loads and links the shared libraries required by the executable for its appropriate work. The process can be described easily as the copying of codes into the RAM and these codes can be used many times till the computer is on. When one turn off the computer, the copies of the remembered codes disappear. It is obvious that when on launches a program and then quits it, he will be able to launch it again but faster, nearly at once. It happens due to the dynamic linker, which copies the codes of the launched program, loads them into RAM treating the program like an executable. That is why, when one quits the program and then turns it on, it will launch rapidly, because the code is already remembered in the memory. Continue reading

Term Paper on Barack Obama

Barack Obama Term Paper:

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the USA, the former Senator from Illinois in the US Congress. In 2004 Barack Obama managed to defeat his political opponents during the elections into the US Congress and became Senator. In 2009 he became President of the USA. He is also known as the first African American President of the country. Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. He graduated from Columbia University and then entered Harvard Law School in 1988 and finished it in 1991. Obama was interested in international relations and political sciences and he chose this direction for self-improvement in these disciplines and it helped him to build a successful political career from Senator to the US President. The decision of the African American representative of Democratic Party to take part in the elections became the top news in mass media and his dream of holding the office came true. Continue reading

Term Paper on Hemophilia

Hemophilia Term Paper:

Hemophilia is the hereditary disease which is connected with the disorder of coagulation and hemorrhage into joints, muscles and internal organs spontaneously and in case of injury or surgery.

Hemophilia increases the risk of the patient’s death because of the hemorrhage into the brain and other important organs even because of the non-serious injury. The people who fall ill with hemophilia most often suffer from disability, because of the constant hemorrhage into joints and muscle tissues. Hemophilia belongs to the genetic or hereditary diseases, which are not obtained during the course of life but exist just from the moment of the human birth. The disease occurs because of the alteration of the one gene of X chromosome. There are three types of hemophilia which differ according to their complexity and peculiarities. Continue reading

Term Paper on Fourier Series

Fourier Series Term Paper:

Fourier series in mathematics is the way of presentation of the certain wave-like function with the help of the sum of the simple sine functions.

Generally, the number of simple functions can be unlimited; moreover, the more simple functions one represents during the calculation, the more chances he has to receive the most precise result. In the majority of cases the role of the simple functions are performed by sines and cosines. In this case Fourier series is called the trigonometric one. The Fourier series has got its name after the outstanding French physician and mathematician Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier who is known to make the considerable contribution into the development of trigonometric series. He decided to work out the series in order to solve the heat equation in the plate made from metal. Continue reading

Term Paper on History of African Cup of Nations

The History of African Cup of Nations Term Paper:

African Cup of Nations is the main football competition which embraces all the national teams of the continent. The competition is held by the Confederation of African Football and every country on the continent has the right to take part in the championship. The first Cup was held in 1957 and the competition can already boast of the long history.

It is natural, that at the very beginning the number of the participants was little, but with the run of time the ACN attracted attention of the whole African Continent. Since 1968 the championship is held once per two years and since 2013 – in odd years in order to avoid holding the Cup at the same time the World Cup is conducted.

Continue reading

Term Paper on Logic Programming

Logic Programming Term Paper:

Logic programming is the programming paradigm, based on the automated proof of theorems; then it is also the branch of discrete mathematics which learns the principles of logical information output on the basis of the given facts and norms of output. Logic programming is based on theory and tools of mathematical logic with the use of the mathematical principles of resolution. The most popular and well-known language of logic programming is Prolog. The first language of logic programming was Planner which was widely used in the first part of 1990s. The language had the option of the automated output of the result from the data and the given rules of exhaustive search of variants (the complex of which was called a plan). Planner was used to reduce the requirements to the computing resources (with the help of the backtracking method) and ensure the possibility of the output of facts without the active use of stack. Continue reading