Term Paper on Disassembler

Disassembler Term Paper:

Disassembler is a translator which converts the machine code, object file or library modules into the text of the program in the assembly language.

Disassemblers are divided into stand-alone and interactive according to the regime of their application by users. The brightest example of a stand-alone disassembler can serve Sourcer. Such disassemblers prepare a full listing which can be later edited in the word processor. The example of an interactive is IDA, which can change the rules of disassembling and provides the expert with the opportunity of reverse engineering. There are single and multipass disassemblers which differ according to their functions. There are a few difficulties related with the work with disassemblers, for example, it is difficult to differentiate the data from the machine code, so, on the initial pass of the stand-alone and interactive disassemblers the experts collect information about boundaries of procedures and functions, and on the finite pass the final listing is formed. Continue reading

Term Paper on Public-Private Partnership

Public-Private Partnership Term Paper:

Public-private partnership is a privately held company which is financed and supported by the partnership with the government and another privately held company.

This sort of partnership is often used in many countries and its idea is quite simple  – when the government wants to embody its program or a reform in the certain sector, it can support the privately held companies which can be useful to carry out this reform. For example, when the government has decided to carry out the reform in transportation sector, it will choose a close corporation which manufactures the means of public transport – trains, trolleybuses, trams, etc. and invest into the mass production of their transport for the public needs. Of course, the government does not choose any company for this purpose, but pays attention to the quality of the production and its price which would not be a burden for the state budget. Continue reading

Term Paper on Electricity Management

Electricity Management Term Paper:

Electricity management is the process of the appropriate and economical production and consumption of electricity. The importance of electricity management can not be overestimated because of the shortage of the natural resources, so the humanity has to learn to save energy and reduce its wasting. The appropriate electricity management is aimed at the intensification of the process of energy consumption for the sake of the local and international economy. Electricity is probably the most important type of energy, because public transportation, home and public appliances, heating, factories and plants, etc work due to electricity, so it is important to manage it effectively. Electricity can be managed in different ways. First of all it is the financial and material support of the state, because if the government is interested in the improvement of electricity systems, it will be easier to modify it effectively. Continue reading

Christian Leadership Term Paper

Term Paper on Christian Leadership:

Christian leadership is the process of management the church for the improvement of the quality of its services. Every institution is supposed to have a leader for the control of the work of the organization and its members and the church is not an exception. It is obvious that it is not easy to control the work and structure of the church and to organize its services for many people. Most often the leader of the church is represented by a pastor who organizes the work of the church, maintains the energy and water supply, etc. Moreover, he is responsible for the advertisement of the events which would take place in the church and informs the parish about the church service and its topic.

Every church is a non-commercial organization which exists exclusively due to the public or private donations. Continue reading

Term Paper on Iran

Term Paper about Iran:

Iran is the country is North West of Asia with the capital in Tehran. Iran has long and bright history and it has left a serious trace in the history of the humanity. The old name of Iran is Persia, which is known for its old (3 thousand BC) enormous empire (stretched from Greece to The Indus River) and powerful troops which struggled against the troops of Alexander the Great. Nowadays, Iran has reduced in its size, but still, the country is the 18th biggest country in the world and it has the access to The Caspian Sea and The Persian Gulf. The access to the sea opens wide perspectives for the country and its trade, making Iran one of the most influential countries in Western Asia and the second biggest economy in the Islamic World after Turkey. Moreover, it is one of the most technologically developed countries in West of Asia and its strategically important location makes Iran one of the leading countries in the region. Continue reading

Term Paper on Industrial Conflict

Industrial Conflict Term Paper:

Industrial conflict is the conflict which is based on the poor interpersonal relations within the single or several companies. A conflict is a natural phenomenon which is characterized with the egotistic and ambitious traits of a human being.

Very often there are conflicts within the group of people, because they just can not share their duties and perform their work in the appropriate way without the wish to show off and boast with one’s results trying to be better than others. Industrial conflicts are caused by a great number of background reasons, starting from the respect of the employer and finishing with the desire to save the workplace. In modern times when it is becoming more and more difficult to find a good workplace, more and more conflicts occur just because employees want to show themselves from the most positive side and to gain respect from the side of the boss and receive the chance for the career rise. Continue reading

Essay on Avoiding Wastage of Food

Avoiding Wastage of Food Essay:

According to the UN report, published in the media, every year, nearly one-third of all foodstuffs intended for human consumption (around 1.3 billion tons), is thrown out.

Almost 30% of agricultural land in the world is vain, and food in the form of waste produced more greenhouse gases than any country except China and the United States. UN experts have warned that food waste pose a danger to the planet’s climate and are advised to encourage users in developed countries to buy only the products and be practical in using left-over food.

Reducing food waste will not only help avoid contamination and decreasing natural resources, but also reduces the need to increase food production to meet the demand of the growing population in the future. Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Disease Term Paper

Term Paper on Alzheimer’s Disease:

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the types of dementia, which strikes every 20th person whose age is more than 65 years. The disease was named after the scholar who has discovered and described it in detail – Alois Alzheimer. Of course, there are also the variations of this disease which cause harm to the people of the younger age but these cases are quite rare. The main characteristic of the disease is that the grey matter of the human brain is damaged and it causes harm to the intellectual abilities, memory, analytical and abstract thinking, etc. So, it is the disorder of the activity of the human brain but not the physical functions of the organism.

The history of the research on Alzheimer’s disease is quite old, because the ancient philosophers stated that the human can be called an elderly one, when the reduction of the work of her thinking abilities is noticed. Though, the actual research on the case of the problem was conducted by Alois Alzheimer, who described the disease in 1906. Continue reading

Accounting Ethics Term Paper

Term Paper on Accounting Ethics:

Accounting ethics is the branch of ethics which touches upon the issues of professional ethics in the field of accounting. Naturally, the issue has always been important, because accounting service is a specific sphere which requires responsibility, honesty and incorruptibility of its employees.

Accounting deals with finance of the chosen organization, so that the experienced accountant follows and controls the financial condition of the firm providing the employer with the valid information about the success of the company. Among other important duties of an accountant is to pay salary to employees on time and to influence the decision making process of the boss of the firm concerning the financial condition of the organization. Continue reading

Computer Addiction Term Paper

Term Paper on Computer Addiction:

Computer addiction is the type of psychological addiction which is based on the uncontrolled desire of playing computer video games. The problem is becoming more and more relevant, because computers have become the integral part of the human everyday life. Naturally, even 15 years ago the problem did not exist, because the computers of that time did not possess such opportunities and power to provide people with the effective video games.

Today the situation is absolutely different, because computers have become powerful and it is possible to create beautiful and interesting video games which charm people with the natural picture and high-quality special effects. The most vulnerable targets of computer addiction are children and especially teenagers, who spend the bigger part of their day time in front of the computer playing various games. Continue reading