Human Resource Management Essay Sample

Free Essay on Human Resource Management:

Human resource management refers to the management of an organization human resource or workforce. It comprises the training, selection, assessment and ensures that an organization employees are well rewarded. It is also responsible for controlling organizational culture and organizational leadership and to a large extent ensures that the employees of a company comply with the laid down rules and regulations that is the employment and labor laws.

Human resource management is also expected to be the organization liaison in matters where the employees are entitled to hold a group bargaining agreement. Human resource management is as a result of the human relations movement of the 20th century when researchers started coming up with ways of creating business value via the strategic management of the labor force. Initially, human resource management was dominated by transactions that involved benefits and payrolls management but due to globalization, many organizations have considered organization consolidation, further research and technological advancement. Nowadays human resource management focuses on various strategic initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, diversity, inclusion, talent management, industrial and labor relations. Broadly, human resource management, comprises all those actions associated with the administration of employment relationships and is concerned with developing structures and systems which promote proper management of people at workplaces and how they relate to their juniors and seniors, various departments within the organization to build, develop and maintain an effective work force. HRM gives more attention in creating a conducive and desirable environment at the work place as well as creating and improving an interface between the internal and the external environments in relation to success of the organization’s objectives (Buhler 13). Continue reading

Term Paper on Teenage Smoking

Teenage Smoking Term Paper:

Teenage smoking is the relevant problem all over the world, because adolescents in developed and developing countries start smoking in the same massive way. It is obvious that teenage smoking was extremely widespread in 1990s and nowadays its rating has been declining gradually due to many factors. There are several reasons why make teenagers start smoking and they are connected with the social environment. Naturally, every young person is manipulated easily and she cares about the opinion of her peers concerning her personality. Very often young people smoke, because their peers also smoke and they want to follow their habits in order to look cool.

Then, parents’ example is quite effective in this occasion, because the majority of young smokers tried their first cigarette following their parents’ habit. Continue reading

V for Vendetta Term Paper

Term Paper on V for Vendetta:

V for Vendetta is a set of comics consisting of 10 issues written by Alan Moore in 1982-1989. The comics were illustrated by David Lloyd.

The action takes place in dystopian Great Britain of 1980-1990s. The key character of the graphic novel is the revolutionist who calls himself V and he tries to destroy the totalitarian regime attracting attention and support of the crowd. The novel describes the not far future of Great Britain which survived the nuclear war which destroyed the greater part of the world, though the world was destroyed not by the direct nuclear explosions and attacks but because of the ruining of infrastructure, floods and poor crop. In this future the fascist party called Norsefire murdered its rivals in concentration camps and rules the country having transformed it into the police state. Continue reading

Term Paper about Teenage Marriage

Teenage Marriage Term Paper:

Teenage marriage is the marriage between the young people who have not reached to the age of 18. Teenage marriage is an ancient phenomenon which has existed for centuries and this problem has its cultural and religious background. It is obvious that the problem can be observed from various points of view and it is easy to find the causes of teenage marriage in the religion, tradition and social background of the young people.

Historically, teenage marriages were supposed to be a norm, because the length of the human life was shorter and centuries ago one was considered to be a grownup at the age of 13. This tradition existed not only in Europe but in Asia, especially Muslim countries, India and China and in some countries it exists even today. Continue reading

Term Paper on UML

UML Term Paper:

The Unified Modeling Language is the unified language of modeling applied in the object-oriented programming paradigm. It is the integral part of the unified process of software creation.

UML is a language of broad profile; it is an open standard which uses graphic signs for the creation of the abstract model of the system called UML-model. UML was designed for the definition, visualization, projecting and documentation of the program systems. It is not the language of programming but code generating is possible when UML-model requires a special interpreting code. The first version of UML was the world in 1997 and it was created for Object Management Group, the organization responsible for adoption of standards in the field of object technologies and databases. Continue reading

Term Paper on Ethernet

Ethernet Term Paper:

Ethernet is the complex of technologies which maintain the work of the computer networks.

Ethernet standards define the wire and wireless connection, electronic signals on physical level and protocols of management is the accessible area – on the data link layer of OSI model.

Ethernet has become the most widespread technology of local area network in the middle of 1990s forcing out such out-of-date technologies as Arcnet and Token ring.

Ethernet technology was created within the other similar projects of Xerox PARC corporation.

Ethernet is known to have its birth in 1973, when Robert Metcalfe wrote about the potential of the technology. In 1979 he decided to persuade the prominent companies Intel, DEC and Xerox to cooperate and design the single standard Ethernet (DIX) which would enable users create local area networks which was the beginning of the creation of the Internet. Continue reading

Term Paper on Epilepsy

Epilepsy Term Paper:

Epilepsy is a mental disease with a chronic course, which is characterized with the attacks of the disorders of consciousness, which are accompanied with seizures. According to the current understanding epilepsy is a chronic disease of the human brain, characterized with seizures, emotional and psychopathic disorders.

It is important to differentiate epilepsy and epileptic syndromes which occur during various brain injuries and intoxication. The epileptic seizure starts suddenly and sometimes the patient feels its approaching (epileptic aura), headache and irritation. There are two major types of epilepsy: inherited or genuine and secondary. The first type is characterized with the fact, that epilepsy is inherited in the genetic way and the patient will feel its consequences already in infantry and young adultery. Continue reading

Prostate Cancer Term Paper

Term Paper about Prostate Cancer:

Prostate cancer is the tumor which occurs from the epithelium in prostate and affects the male reproductive system negatively. Prostate cancer, like any other type of cancer causes harm to the human health and even life. Prostate cancer is the most widespread type of cancer among men and its frequency is about 10% of all cases on cancer. This disease is the major reason of the death among the elderly men. In the USA prostate cancer is the third most frequent cause of death among the people suffering from cancer.

There are several reasons which cause prostate cancer: age hormonal changes, genetic predisposition (in about 40% of the cases prostate cancer is inherited), misbalance of nutrients (the constant insufficiency of vitamin D is a serious cause of cancer), chronic intoxication with cadmium, and virus XMRV. Continue reading

Term Paper on Measurement of Screw Threads

Measurement of Screw Threads Term Paper:

A screw thread is a helical groove on a cylindrical or conical surface of an object. In the broader meaning threads are equally spaced protrusions and hollows of constant cross section, which are formed on the side cylindrical or conical surface in a spiral of constant pitch. Screw thread is supposed to be a great invention, because this type of fastening holds two or more objects together firmly and prevents sliding in the point of fastening.

A screw is the type of the nail, but the effectiveness of the first is improved with a thread. The thread can be cut clockwise and anticlockwise which influences the way and the order of its screwing. Since the 19th century the manufacturers of screw threads have been trying to make the common standards of threads in order to enable users mix screws and nuts of different manufacturers and this mixture would not reduce the quality of the fastening. Continue reading

Term Paper on the History of Medicine

History of Medicine Term Paper:

The history of medicine is the science which studies the scientific, social and technological development of medicine. From the time immemorial medicine has divided into the two main categories: therapy and surgery. Some doctors cured and cure the disorders of the inner part of the human body in complex with the sanitary means internal medicine is prescribed; and others pay more attention to the disorders of the outer part – damage of bones, muscles and organs, which require surgical intervention.

This informal division of medicine into outer (surgery) and inner (therapy) exists even today but with the run of time these two branches has divided into more definite subdivisions forming the wide tree of the system of healthcare, which embraces all possible sort of medical help to the patient. Continue reading