Term Paper on Waste Management

Waste Management Term Paper:

Waste management is the process of the utilization, recycling, storage and treatment of solid and other wastes in order to prevent their negative impact on the human health and the condition of the natural environment and possible use of the waste materials which can be reused. Waste management is one of the more relevant problems nowadays, because the quantity of wastes has become so high that many countries hardly find place to store them.

The development of the human civilization, the growing effect of industry and the total gradual increase of the human activity has caused serious problem of pollution and littering. People have always thrown away the results of their activity (wastes) without paying attention on the impact of these wastes on the environment.

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Real Estate Term Paper

Term Paper on Real Estate:

Real estate is the territory which belongs to an individual and the latter is able to use it and its resources in the way he wants. According to the laws of the US real estate is the area and the natural resources which can be found there, though in the majority of the countries real estate is only the surface of the area and natural resources (water, trees, oil, etc) belongs still to the public property of the country but not to the owner of the land.

Real estate is a complicated issue in the law system of every country and the land is always a severe topic of discussions and argues. Of course, real estate is not only the land but other objects. In the narrower meaning real estate is simply one’s apartment, cottage, terraced house, etc. which belongs to individual. In this case the owner has the right to control over the building but the land is most often rented. Continue reading

Term Paper on Separation of Church and State

The Separation of Church and State Term Paper:

Separation of church and state is the form of the government of the country which is characterised with the total independence of church and political activity of the country. Till the beginning of the 20th century church influenced the politics of the country in Europe seriously. Any decision was made without the approval of church, because it had real power, finance and influence on the whole life of the state. In some countries church continues playing such a role in the life of the country and the church is the part of the governing body with its rights and authority.

Centuries ago church was probably the most powerful institution, because even the greatest monarchs had to pay attention to the will of church and act according to its recommendations and instructions. The cause of this problem was in the strong influence of religion on the humanity, so the words of the church were treated seriously. Continue reading

Psychology Essay on Classical Conditioning

Classical Conditioning Essay:

The classical conditioning is a theory by Ivan Pavlov describing the learning achievements caused by the association between stimuli of the environment and automatic reactions in the body.

Following the studies of Pavlov, John Watson came to an idea that all complex behaviors were strings of conditioned behavior and learning through classical conditioning would cause many phobias.

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Term Paper on Oil Spillage

Oil Spillage Term Paper:

Oil spillage is the accident associated with pouring of oil into the natural environment, mainly open sea and ocean. Oil spillage is closely connected with the accidents of tankers, wells of oil, offshore platforms, the pouring of oil and its products into the ocean, etc. The solution of the problem of oil spillage is extremely time consuming and very often one requires months and years to restore the environment after the accident. It is obvious that oil spillage occurs because of the human carelessness and lack of responsibility. The humanity extracts oil, which is supposed to be quite a toxic product and forgets to transport it in the safe way and the result of this attitude are the global catastrophes. There are several methods of the solution of the problem of oil spillage and the choice of the method depends on the area of the spillage, the time of the year and other specific factors. Continue reading

Threat of War between Russia and Ukraine Essay

Russian threat to use force to protect the Russian-speaking population has been a good deterrent for Ukrainian radicals and supporting them European politicians, told to RIA Novosti Turkish political commentator Fuat Kozluklu to the question if there is a threat of war between Russia and Ukraine.

The tactic of the Russian President Vladimir Putin were aimed at preventing further escalation of tensions in the Ukraine, not war, – Turkish political commentator Fuat Kozluklu told to RIA Novosti.

In Kiev, February 22 there was a change of government, which had the signs of a coup. Verkhovna Rada has ousted President Viktor Yanukovych from power, changed the constitution, with the duties entrusted to the President and the Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov the Rada fixed presidential elections on May 25. Yanukovych at a press conference in Rostov-on-Don said that he was forced to leave Ukraine under threat of physical violence and is an elected head of state.

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Term Paper on Social Classes in America

Social Classes in America Term Paper:

Social classes in America is quite a difficult and a bit controversial topic for the research, because the modern understanding of this issue is quite simple – officially the society is not divided into the certain classes and all people are equal. Of course, there is another understanding of this problem which claims that the society is divided into the rich upper class, middle class and poor class.

This understanding is quite an old one and exists for hundreds of years and frankly speaking such a model remains even today. This simple model of three classes has been seriously improved and explained by the leading sociologists and they divide every class into the several subclasses. The rich class is understood as the upper class which has a strong impact on the life of the state due to their capital and authority. Continue reading

Essay on Paul of Tarsus

St. Paul of Tarsus Essay:

Paul of Tarsus (born in Tarsus about AD 3 – died in Rome, 64 or 67) was one of the early leaders of the Christian Church and plays a central role in the early development and spread of Christianity in the countries around the Mediterranean, particularly in what is now Turkey and Greece. Many believe that Paul was called Saul before his conversion. It is also possible that he wore the Roman name Paul in Greek-speaking circles and in Jewish circles Jewish name Saul and Saul. Paul probably had a Jewish mother and a Roman father. He was born about AD 3 in Tarsus (Cilicia) and died in Rome in the year 64 or 67.

Paul was a “son of a Pharisee” and had been trained under Gamaliel. He had Roman citizenship. He was an active persecutor of the first-century Christians, by letting them shut and in some cases killed. An example of this is described in the Bible when he gives his approval to the death of a Jewish Christians of the first century, Stephen. Much of the Scriptures of the New Testament are attributed to Paul. He is quite commonly called Paul the Apostle, or even the thirteenth apostle thirteenth central bringer of the gospel, after the twelve disciples who traveled with Jesus himself. Continue reading

Short Essay on Poverty and Crime

Free Poverty and Crime Essay:

The impact on crime of poverty and wealth is justly characterized by Tarde as “a favorite battleground for two extreme factions of the positive school: Socialist Group (Colaianni Turati) and Orthodox (Garofalo et al). Between the views of Colaianni and Garofalo there is such a chasm that the compromise on some combination of these two opposing theories cannot even be considered.

But the fifteen years that have elapsed since the appearance of these two works, the forensic literature was enriched by a number of other papers on clarifying values ​​for poverty and crime.

And if a criminologist still cannot find one and only right answer to this question, he, however, cannot complain about the lack of research on this subject.

There is no doubt that the existing diversity of opinion now would not have be the issue if criminal statistics give accurate information about the extent of property status of convicted or accused. But, unfortunately, criminal statistical reports do not include such a data. In addition to imperfections of the criminal statistics, there are common drawbacks: we do not have quite accurate and specific information about the amount of wealth and poverty of different classes of society. Continue reading

Music Censorship Term Paper

Term Paper on Music Censorship:

Music censorship is the practice of the restricted access towards the music compositions because of various reasons. The practice of music censorship has always been very popular, especially when the genre of music has become not an art but the kind of business and the part of the massive culture.

The phenomenon of censorship is music appeared approximately in the middle of the 20th century, and there were many reasons of this fact. Not only the separate music compositions are censored but the whole music bands in different parts of the world. Most often music is censored because of the use in its lyrics offensive words which are supposed to be rude, inhumane and violent. Moreover, if the text includes words and phrases about the support of the controversial ideas, inhumane and antisocial activity, such songs can be restricted. Continue reading