Term Paper on Hemophilia

Hemophilia Term Paper:

Hemophilia is the hereditary disease which is connected with the disorder of coagulation and hemorrhage into joints, muscles and internal organs spontaneously and in case of injury or surgery.

Hemophilia increases the risk of the patient’s death because of the hemorrhage into the brain and other important organs even because of the non-serious injury. The people who fall ill with hemophilia most often suffer from disability, because of the constant hemorrhage into joints and muscle tissues. Hemophilia belongs to the genetic or hereditary diseases, which are not obtained during the course of life but exist just from the moment of the human birth. The disease occurs because of the alteration of the one gene of X chromosome. There are three types of hemophilia which differ according to their complexity and peculiarities. Continue reading

Term Paper on Fourier Series

Fourier Series Term Paper:

Fourier series in mathematics is the way of presentation of the certain wave-like function with the help of the sum of the simple sine functions.

Generally, the number of simple functions can be unlimited; moreover, the more simple functions one represents during the calculation, the more chances he has to receive the most precise result. In the majority of cases the role of the simple functions are performed by sines and cosines. In this case Fourier series is called the trigonometric one. The Fourier series has got its name after the outstanding French physician and mathematician Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier who is known to make the considerable contribution into the development of trigonometric series. He decided to work out the series in order to solve the heat equation in the plate made from metal. Continue reading

Term Paper on History of African Cup of Nations

The History of African Cup of Nations Term Paper:

African Cup of Nations is the main football competition which embraces all the national teams of the continent. The competition is held by the Confederation of African Football and every country on the continent has the right to take part in the championship. The first Cup was held in 1957 and the competition can already boast of the long history.

It is natural, that at the very beginning the number of the participants was little, but with the run of time the ACN attracted attention of the whole African Continent. Since 1968 the championship is held once per two years and since 2013 – in odd years in order to avoid holding the Cup at the same time the World Cup is conducted.

Continue reading

Term Paper on Logic Programming

Logic Programming Term Paper:

Logic programming is the programming paradigm, based on the automated proof of theorems; then it is also the branch of discrete mathematics which learns the principles of logical information output on the basis of the given facts and norms of output. Logic programming is based on theory and tools of mathematical logic with the use of the mathematical principles of resolution. The most popular and well-known language of logic programming is Prolog. The first language of logic programming was Planner which was widely used in the first part of 1990s. The language had the option of the automated output of the result from the data and the given rules of exhaustive search of variants (the complex of which was called a plan). Planner was used to reduce the requirements to the computing resources (with the help of the backtracking method) and ensure the possibility of the output of facts without the active use of stack. Continue reading

Term Paper on Kerberos

Kerberos Term Paper:

Kerberos is a communications protocol of authentication, which enables to transmit data along the unprotected networks for the safe identification. The protocol is oriented on the client-server model and maintains the mutual authentication – both users confirm each other’s identity through the server. This model is one of the variants of Needham–Schroeder protocol of authentication on the basis of the trusted third party and its modification suggested by Denning and Sacco. The history of the creation of Kerberos is quite interesting. First of all there was introduced Project Athena by the group of the computer manufacturers in 1983. Its main aim was to introduce computers into the process of education and improvement of the student’s performance and improvement of the educational system in the whole. Though the project was educational, several software products are used behind this sphere even now (for example, X Window System). Continue reading

Term Paper on Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou Term Paper:

Maya Angelou is the American writer and poetess whose writing activity was on its top in the second half of the 20th century. Among the literary heritage of the author one can find seven autobiographies, five books of essays and several books of poetry. Her name is noted among the most outstanding authors of plays, performances, movies and TV shows of the second half of the 20th century – the beginning of 2000s. Maya Angelou was awarded with numerous prices and awards for literature and with more than thirty honorary doctoral degrees. The book “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” – the chronicle of the life of the personality till she was 16 – brought her national and international fame. Except of the writing activity Maya Angelou was a kin struggler for the human rights. Continue reading

Term Paper on Mentoring

Mentoring Term Paper:

Mentoring is one of the methods of training and development of employees by the more experienced and well-trained one. The process of mentoring is supposed to be very effective, because it is based on the natural social relations when the mature person shares her knowledge and experience with the younger amateur.

Mentoring is not only met in the walls on an office, but also in everyday life. For example, the process of bringing up, school studying, etc are also treated like mentoring, because parents and teachers chare their wisdom with children and the latter learn something new about the world around listening to the grownups. If one observes mentoring in the field of business, he will speak about the process of personal development on an employee who improves his professional skills and knowledge following the advice of the senior managers. Continue reading

Term Paper on Asian Paints

Asian Paints Term Paper:

Asian Paints is the chemicals company the headquarters of which are located in Mumbai in India.

The company is supposed to be the first largest manufacturer of paints and various types of other chemicals in India and the third largest and developed company in Asia. Asian Paints is one of the most profitable companies on the market of chemicals in the region, because its annual profit is more than 160 million dollars. The company has quite a long history, because it started its activity during World War 2 in 1942. At first it was a family owned company which was named The Asian Oil & Paint Company. Very soon the company changes the form of its management and becomes a professionally managed organization. The success of Asian Paints can not be overestimated because the company was included into the list of the 200 best small companies constructed by Forbes magazine. Continue reading

Term Paper on Abortion Rights

Abortion Rights Term Paper:

Abortion is the action of characterized with the woman’s decision to stop her pregnancy. The attitude towards abortion is quite controversial, because there are supporters and kin opponents against this action. In the majority of countries abortion is illegal, because the human life is the biggest treasure in the world, though there are cases when abortion is treated like a positive and the only one way out. For example, if pregnancy is dangerous for the mother’s life, doctors suggest abortion in order to save the woman’s life. Moreover, there are cases which make abortion legal if pregnancy is the result of rape.

It is natural, that such an undesired child will not be accepted by the mother and her family. Finally, the operation is practised if it is obvious that the fetus is ill or has serious disorders which would make its life complicated. Of course, abortion is allowed only till the woman is on her 7th month of pregnancy; any other actions with the fetus are illegal. Continue reading

Term Paper on Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Term Paper:

Air conditioner is the device which is used to maintain all the major qualities of air (temperature and humidity) indoors and provide people with the most convenient atmosphere appropriate for live, education, work, etc. Air conditioning is used for various purposes. The most important one is the artificial maintenance of the appropriate atmosphere if it can not be altered in the natural way. Then, it is maintenance of the right air conditions indoors required in the definite seasons of the year (summer and winter). Next, it is the maintenance of the appropriate hygienic norms which improves the intensiveness of the human productiveness at the workplace. Air conditioning is the process which is supposed to help people regulate the optimal condition of the air indoors and it is conducted by the special appliance called air conditioner which has the definite structure, uses the certain technologies of conditioning and is often equipped with distance control. Continue reading