Term Paper on Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Induction Term Paper:

Electromagnetic induction is the phenomenon of the creation of electric current in closed circuit during the change of the magnetic flux which goes through it. Electromagnetic induction was discovered by Michael Faraday in 1831 after the great number of experiments in the sphere of magnetism. In 1820 it was discovered that electricity generates magnetism, so that it is quite possible that electricity and magnetism are interconnected and magnetism can generate electricity as well. This idea existed for about ten years in the head of Faraday and due to the numerous experiments he managed to prove it and discovered the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction.

He discovered that the electromotive force, which occurs in closed conducting circuit, is proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux through the surface, limited by this circuit. Continue reading

Firewall Term Paper

Term Paper on Firewall:

A firewall is a device or a group of devices which have been designed to accept, decline, cipher, and let the whole computer traffic through proxy between the areas of different security according to the set of rules and other criteria. Firewall can look like a single device (the so called router, which provides the user with the access to the Internet), the software which is installed on the personal computer and proxy server.

A simple and cheap firewall seldom has a well-developed and varied system of configurations and abilities of filtration and more expensive and complicated firewalls have wider options and fulfill more varied operations. Firewalls are divided into stateless and stateful. Stateless firewalls are characterized with simple filtration and they do not follow the current connections and filter the stream of data on the basis of the static rules. Continue reading

Term Paper on the History of World Cup

History of World Cup Term Paper:

The history of World Cup is connected with the football tournaments which take place every four years in one of the countries in the world. The history started in 1928 when Jules Rimet, the President of FIFA, decided to make football one of the most popular games of all times and suggested to stage the international tournament in 1930 in Uruguay. At that time only 13 teams took part in the competition, so it was difficult to treat the year of 1930 as the real date of the birth of the international football. Since that time every four years one of the countries organizes the final stage of football tournament, where 32 teams compete for the right to be called the winner of the World Cup. Two years before the tournament are called the qualifying process, during which more than 200 teams compete with one another to win the right to participate in the final tour of the World Cup. Continue reading

Term Paper on Biofuels

Biofuels Term Paper:

Biofuels are the fuels based on organic materials, which are used for the production of energy. The most well-known biofuels are wood, alcohol and wastes. In comparison with the most popular types of fuels (oil, gas, coal, etc) which are exhaustible, biofuel is the renewable type of energy, because it is produced during the term of no more than ten years. Biofuels contain about 80% of the products which are the result of the activity of the live organisms – animals and plants. The most serious advantage of biofuel is that it consists of the organic materials and it is not dangerous for the environment. The main similarity between biofuel and oil or coal is that biomass is the form of the accumulation of the solar energy – the energy of the Sun is caught through the process of photosynthesis during the growth of plants. Continue reading

Term Paper on Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company Term Paper:

Ford Motor Company is the US automobile manufacturer, which produces cars under the mark Ford. The company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, who is known to be the pioneer of the massive automobile production applying the classic assembly line for this purpose. Nowadays Ford is the fourth most popular manufacturer of automobiles after Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen. In 2005 the company managed to sell about 6,8 million cars earning more than 178 billion dollars. The first automobile was produced in 1903 and was called a “gasoline carriage” and it was said even a fifteen-year-old boy was able to drive it. In 1907 the well-known logo of Ford was created and it symbolized quality of the highest level. Continue reading

Green Chemistry Term Paper

Term Paper on Green Chemistry:

Green chemistry is the branch of chemistry which is characterized with the reduction of the negative impact of the chemical substances on the environment and human life. It is obvious that the majority of chemical substances cause harm to the human health and they are often connected with pollution, so chemical industry has been always associated with pollution and contamination of the environment. The main idea of green chemistry is to reduce pollution and negative impact of chemicals on the environment. Moreover, the substances are even expected to do more good than harm, curing illnesses and helping people in their activity. The concepts of green chemistry appeared at the beginning of 1990s when people understood the importance of production of healthy and safe products. This branch of chemistry is applied for the improvement of other branches of chemistry – organic and non-organic chemistry, biochemistry and even physical chemistry. Continue reading

Term Paper on Burglary

Burglary Term Paper:

Burglary is the action of the illegal entry into the private house and it is considered to be a crime.

Burglary is not just the entry into the building, but also the kind of offence characterized with stealing the property of the third people – the owners of the building. Burglary is one of the most widespread crimes, because the majority of people keep a lot of expensive and valuable things at home, so houses of the common people become targets of burglars. Of course, the simple breaking into the building without any other purposes occurs rarely, so the criminals are punished for the complex crimes. For example, if one has just broken into the house and has done nothing more – the crime is not a serious one and the burglar can be just fined and punished with social labor. In fact, the majority of breakings are accompanied with threats and violence when the hosts of the house are at home. Continue reading

Term Paper on Israel

Israel Term Paper:

Israel is the country in South-West Asia on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. It borders on Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Jordan. The country got its independence in 1948 on the basis of the UNO resolution of 1947. According to the Declaration of Independence Israel is the Jewish state, but at the same time the country is a multinational democratic state, where the representatives of other races, nationalities and religious views have the same rights and freedoms as the Jews have. For example, there are Christians, Muslims and Arabian representatives in the parliament. The major aim of Zionism was the creation of the Jewish country and the main Zionists decided to establish the country on the territory of Palestine. From the 80s of the 19th century there were thousands of migrants from Eastern Europe to the territory of Palestine. Continue reading

Term Paper on Microscopy

Microscopy Term Paper:

Microscopy is the study of small objects with the help of a microscope. Microscopy is divided into several branches which differ according to the methods of the research and appliances used for the process. For example, there is optical microscopy, electron microscopy, X-ray microscopy, flash diffractive imaging, etc. and all these devices are used for the enlargement of the picture of the object under research. First of all microscopes were the optical devices which used the sunlight and worked on the same principle as the human eye, but their power was too limited, because the best optical microscope can enlarge the object 2000 times. Of course, there are organisms and objects which require more powerful devices to be seen by the human eye, so electron microscope was invented for this purpose and can enlarge objects in 100 000 times and even more. Continue reading

Panic Disorder Term Paper

Term Paper on Panic Disorder:

Panic disorder is a psychological disorder which is characterized with the sudden attacks of anxiety and panic which occur several times per year or several times per day. Moreover, the patient not just experiences the attacks but has the constant tense feeling waiting for the approaching attacks. The most common symptom of panic disorder is an attack. The attack lasts for ten minutes, though there are cases when they last from 1-5 to 30 minutes but the feeling of anxiety can remain for an hour.

The attacks are accompanied with the range of symptoms: tachycardia, dyspnea, tremor, anxiety and panic fear, etc. Of course, the symptoms could differ according to the personal peculiarities of the human psychics and organism. Some patients face this problem daily, some – once or twice per week. Obviously, panic disorder influences the social sphere of the human life, because when the person experiences the attack, people around are afraid of her; they think she is not normal, etc. Continue reading