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Essay on a Healthy Lifestyle is a Necessity and not a Luxury

It is not a secret that the conception of a healthy lifestyle is more popular than ever today. However, let us see what do we have here: another fancy trend or the real deal, a necessity that helps us survive?

A natural aspiration of the modern man is to be a successful, wanted part of the society, but a constantly increasing pace of life demands equally strong efforts to keep up. In other words, to be successful you have to be in a good shape. Only in such a manner, you will be able to resist an overwhelming stress of today’s life and have a solid ground for the success it will be based on.

You can argue that our health is a product of many factors and not all of them are under our control: hereditary problems, environmental issues, the level of development of the society we live in are not those things a separate individual can correct. Nevertheless, according to WHO, 50% of your health state depends on you, to be more precise, it depends on your lifestyle. Continue reading

Psychology Essay on Schizophrenia

Although schizophrenia is a well-known word, very few people understand the meaning of this term. Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder related to the disintegration of the thought processes and emotional reactions. The most common characteristic features of schizophrenia are auditory hallucinations, paranoid or fantastic delusions, disintegration of speech and thought on the background of the significant social dysfunction and failure of performance. When one falls ill with schizophrenia, he is informally excluded from the society whereas he cannot function in it effectively. This disorder affects family life, performance at the workplace and other social processes.

The problem of schizophrenia is very disputable whereas many psychologists have different opinions about it. Some scholars say that schizophrenia is a single disorder while others claim that it is a complex of syndromes. This uncertainty is reflected in the name of the disorder. For instance, Eugen Bleuler treated schizophrenia as a complex of syndromes and called the disorder ‘schizophrenias’. It is natural that it is difficult to identify psychological disorders accurately. The majority of the disorders have similar symptoms; therefore, psychologists had problems with the identification of schizophrenia. For example, some scholars confuse schizophrenia with the multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder. The overall risk of disease is quite low – 0,6%. Both men and women are at the risk of falling ill with schizophrenia. In fact, women suffer from it in the older age. Continue reading

Essay: Long-Term and Short-Term Memory

Memory is a paramount thing for a human being. As long as one remembers about his own person, his parents, friends and the history of the entire human civilization, he can be called a personality.

The most frightening thing is the loss of memory. When one forgets everything, he is excluded from the human society. He cannot work, study and enjoy his life whereas he does not remember about the major point of his existence. Thus, the problem of memory is very relevant and notable.

Everyone should know about the types of memory and its importance for his life. If you know about the kinds of human memory, you are able to take efforts to train and improve it. There are numerous techniques that can help one develop his memory. Needless to say but excellent memory is able to increase one’s performance at the workplace and in education. Continue reading

Which Types of Facts Must Be Cited in an Essay?

According to the general rules of academic writing, students and scholars must cite the used sources of information in order to demonstrate their respect towards the work of other authors. When you write a college essay, you should apply citation too. One must cite the idea or quotation of the definite author if this information is used in his essay. The problem of citation has become so urgent and popular that many students are confused, as they do not know which types of facts must be cited or not. Continue reading

Materialism Essay Example

Do you know the meaning of the term ‘materialism’? What is your attitude towards materialism?

Materialism has two major meanings. The first one is associated with philosophy. The second meaning is related with the personal traits and the importance of the materialistic values. Materialism is one of the most important trends of philosophy, which is characterized with the dominance of the material values over the spiritual ones. Materialism is a very controversial issue for the research; therefore, I will try to observe this problem form different sides.

Materialism is a complex of personal qualities, which mean that a human being places material values on the top of her hierarchy of values. I should say that materialism is the main idea of the modern civilization, because this idea is related with physicalism. The people who support materialistic lifestyle believe that material wealth is more important than spiritual or moral wealth. Such people reject religion and belief in supernatural powers. They think that money and valuable items are more important that feelings and various moral values. Continue reading

Essay: What Would You Change in Your Country?

Have you ever dreamt about the improvement of life in your country? Undoubtedly, our appetites are unlimited. People always want more. There is hardly a person in the world who is completely satisfied with economic, cultural or political situation in her country. Sometimes these dreams have a solid background and reasons, because it is impossible to build a perfect society on the territory of a chosen country. Everyone dislikes something about his native country and wants to change these disadvantages.

As I speak about myself, I would rather say that I have a few ideas about this issue. I would change several things that exist in every country. When we speak about education in the USA, the UK, India or Russia, we would say that education is not a strong side of any country. People have not managed to create the ideal system of education that would help children develop their potential. In spite of the fact that such countries as the USA, the UK, Australia, Germany or France have solid material basis for education, the quality of education is still low. Very often students from the developing countries are able to compete with the US student who has graduated from the most expensive college or university. Continue reading

Essay on Cultural Expectations and Practices

Cultural Expectations and Practices Essay:

Cultural expectations and practices are one of the major categories of cultural theory. Universality and versatility of this category is determined by the fact that these expectations and practices are present in all areas of the material, political, artistic, moral, household, physical culture.

Cultural practices are social and cultural heritage, transmitted from generation to generation and reiterated in certain societies and social groups for a long time.

Such practices are present in all social and cultural systems, and are essential to their existence. The practices are inherent in the different fields of culture, although their value varies in each of these areas, the most important position they occupy in the religion.

There are strong expectations and practices excluding innovations and deviations in behavior. They are characterized by a very long history, passing from generation to generation without any changes. Continue reading

Essay on Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Essay Writing:

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is out of control, said the statement by the international non-governmental organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) of 23 June. The local Governments and non-profit organizations have to put urgent concerted large-scale efforts in order to stop the spread of the infection, as the MSF’s resources are exhausted, the statement said.

Outbreak of the disease, accompanied by fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and internal bleeding, began in January in a remote southeastern region of Guinea. Since then, in addition to Guinea, the epidemic also affected Liberia and Sierra Leone.

According to MSF, the outbreaks were registered in more than sixty remote localities in the three countries, which complicates treatment and containment of the epidemic. Continue reading

Essay on Moral Relativism

Moral Relativism Essay:

Moral relativism (ethical relativism) is a moral position, which comes from the fact that all possible moral standards and evaluation criteria is quite relative and equivalent (exactly-not-valuable) because there is no absolute moral standards system or absolute criterion. It assumes that there is no absolute, universal good and evil, there is only relative and local concepts, within specific societies and historical periods, and moral systems. The one is not better and not worse than another is, because there is no criterion by which they could be assessed, as all criteria are relative.

People tend to have ethical claims to each other. People tend to judge their contemporaries as well as people who lived during the other eras. However, anyone who has any ethical claims thereby asserts the reality of the law that the accused must abide, but he have not. We can’t say “N is wrong” without appealing to some criteria of the right; If we show the same anger, outrage, moral indignation against this man and his deeds, we understand that violations of the law, especially serious, worthy of indignation and anger. Continue reading

Essay on Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Essay:

One of the most important influential TV series came to an end on a high note, but managed to not just meet high expectations, but also to increase the level of suspense. The final season of Breaking Bad for a long time will be a measure of the professionalism of authors and actors.

TV series about an empty man living his unremarkable life became a criminal genius who built his criminal empire, surrounded by walls of lies, betrayals, mental superiority and innate cunning will yet receive a full and thorough analysis. However, if you do not delve into the philosophical questions and do not attempt to cover the boundless, and the main thing is not to try to attract new adherents to the Meth Church of Heisenberg the martyr, you would have almost perfect television series, rightfully became the model for future generations of actors and TV producers. Continue reading