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Different Methods of Irrigation Essay

Irrigation has been known for as long as people have been cultivating plants. Irrigation is the controlled process of using water for crops where rainfall is not enough. This process is vital for the human race, because through it and agriculture the population of the earth is supplied with enough food. Except for drinking water, water for agriculture is the most important use of water – about 60 per cent of the entire world’s fresh water reserves are used for irrigation. Without it, growing crops will be impossible for many nations and there will be shortage of the food supply.

Many different irrigation methods are used around the world, depending on the financial resources, water supply and the type of crops. Continue reading

Essay on Code of Ethics in the Organization

Our organization understands the importance of a clearly defined code of ethics as part of its set of rules and policies. The organization’s ethics policy statement is quite comprehensive, and can be described in three levels: code of ethics, code of practice and code of conduct (IFAC, 2006).

The code of ethics defines the purpose and value of the company in regard to its stakeholders. It helps managers and other employees to understand the context of ethics in the organization and also defines the obligations of the employees to one another.

The code of practice takes a further step. Here, value propositions are translated to organization-wide principles. By doing so, ethics is emphasizes as any other mission of the organization. In other words, just as an employee understands that she must increase sales in order to help the company to grow, her commitment to the ethical codes of conduct discussed below has the same roots in the company’s mission statements. The practices also help to make every employee an ethical decision-maker. Continue reading

Essay: Should Sex and Violence on Television Be Restricted?

In a world where sex and violence is part of our everyday lives, not only in fictional form, but also in our neighborhoods, among our friends, in many parts of the world and even on the kid’s playground, it is very hard to restrict television from showing scenes containing graphic images not meant for all audiences to see. It is difficult to go without seeing these images of violence or speaking about sex because it is everywhere. The better question is whether sex and violence should be restricted in order to protect young children from such images? Due to the influence that television has on children and teenagers, sex and violence needs to be restricted on television in order to minimize the negative effects of what is being broadcast. Continue reading

Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” Essay

1. Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”, while definitely belonging to the tragedy type, includes comic moments that remind us of the author’s great gift as comedy writer. These elements serve to offer the viewer/reader a break from the pathos of the story and return to the down-to-earth reality.

They also remind the audience that for all their high aspirations, the characters in the play are youngsters for the most part, not alien to fun and jokes common to many in their age.

Most of more or less comic scenes feature Juliet’s nurse – a warm-hearted and witty lady. Thus, in Act 2, Scene 4, she engages in a comic dialogue with Romeo’s friend Mercutio. When the nurse steps on the balcony and asks a page to bring her a fan, Mercutio remarks “Good Peter, to hide her face; for her fan’s the fairer face”. The subsequent dialogue rotates around boys’ jokes about the woman’s lack of beauty. This little exchange comes after an elevated debate about the nature of love and reminds the reader that this is in fact a crowd of young guys even if they engage in intellectual talk at times. Continue reading

My Visit to the Museum Essay

The international exhibition of paintings at the Frick Collection is a pearl of human culture, whose importance and features are impossible to describe in such a short paper. Out of the vast selection of works, I have chosen two paintings and shall refer to them in greater detail: Titian’s 1516 Portrait of a Man in a Red Cap and Goya’s 1824 Portrait of a Lady.

Tiziano Vecellio (1477/90-1576), better known as Titian, was a Venetian renaissance artist, a representative of his town’s slightly different approach to art and the role of the artist. That is, while the much more famous Florentine movement referred to art as a science and expanded their work far beyond the visual crafts, Titian and other Venetians supported their court patrons’ interest in beauty and luxury (Feldman, 77, 90). Continue reading

Analysis Essay Sample

1. Analyze the essay in relation to its portrayal of the workplace
Generally speaking, Angelou’s account describes cotton-picking as a seasonal job, which does not pay enough to earn a man’s lunch, nor to provide for a family. However, the author’s portrayal of this workplace goes beyond the basic facts to discuss the spirit of the workers and the atmosphere before the men leave to the field and after they come back.

Neither the workers, nor the narrator’s grandmother who sells them groceries for lunch, are unaware how the day will end. They all know that the work will not even allow them to pay the grandmother back. Nonetheless, all parties start the day with great optimism: after walking miles to the store, the men are “laughing, joking, boasting and bragging,” whereas the grandmother praises God for not letting her seeing the new day.

It seems that sound optimism, professional pride and cheer are the only thing those people have when they start the day, as they know “that they are going to end it as they started it” – disappointed, injured and without any reasonable income. Continue reading

Essay on Cultural Values in Today’s Society

As derivatives of macro-level factors such as cultural values and narratives, norms prescribe sets of behavioral patterns, whose premise is to confine the individual’s behavior with societal expectations. In this context, societies use sanctions to convey norms and to encourage people to follow them. In many cases, cultural values that are not supported with a clear and effective set of sanctions (i.e. lack positive and/or negative sanctions associated with them) are considered as less dominate in a society, as in the case of altruism in most American cultures (Batson and Powel 478). This paper illustrates these points by examining two common values in our culture and the sanctions attached to them. Continue reading

Essay: Why I Want To Be A Nurse?

Deciding on a college was a task that I found to be incredibly difficult. Being a school student I never thought that day when I have to choose my future profession will come so soon. I always wanted to do something special, something important and meaningful. But the decision to become a professional nurse didn’t come in a few days. I had to explore many other options before I finally realized what I want to devote my life to. As Virgil said, “Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck.

Your profession is what you were put on earth to do. With such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling”. And I believe that my passion for nursing will help me to make it my calling.

My entire life I was dancing and I dreamt to become a professional dancer. But being a dancer is a very hard work and this path is full of danger and difficulties. I ended up in the hospital several times, getting bruises, pulled muscles and fractures. These were the moments when I realized how much a medical personnel’s attitude to a patient matters, especially when you’re alone and feeling helpless. Continue reading

Personal Leadership Philosophy Essay

In formulating my leadership philosophy, I rely on the same core values that guide me in my private life and personal interactions with people. These values are honesty, integrity, and care. I strongly deem that honesty is of paramount importance in personal and professional life: it makes you a reliable partner and friend and assures your colleagues that you are not trying to take an unfair advantage of them.

Integrity is equally important: consistency implies that your colleagues always know what to expect from you, and this allows them to plan their schedules accordingly. Rules applied uniformly are the foundation of a just and effective organization.

Including care as an element of leadership philosophy might come as a surprise for some. However, taking care of one’s subordinates is a distinctive characteristic of an outstanding leader. Continue reading

Cri Du Chat Syndrome Essay

This paper is devoted to the so-called cri du chat syndrome. This is a rather rare syndrome as it is met in 1 out of 50 000 live births. The main cause of this syndrome is a deletion of the short arm of a chromosome. The name of the syndrome can be translated from French as “cry of a cat”. Later on, when we stop in details at the main symptoms of the disease it will be clear why it got such a name.

Children who are born with this syndrome have usually low birth weight and respiratory problems are as well possible. Some people who suffer from the syndrome might have a shorter lifespan, but in most cases, they lead the same life expectancy. In about 80% of all cases, the abnormal chromosome comes from father’s sperm.

This syndrome has also some other names, for example: chromosome 5p deletion syndrome or 5p minus syndrome. The general definition which can be given to it, sounds like: “ a group of symptoms that result from missing a piece of chromosome number 5, its name is based upon the infant’s cry, which is high-pitched and sounds like cat” (3).

Actually the fact is that children born with this syndrome are still able to lead a happy life and become good members of the society. There are a lot of problems that they will have to face, but usually not every child has all of them. So, parents should not be hit by the shock, they should pay all their attention to help their kind to overcome his difficult situations and learn and develop further. It is also important for the parents of such children to be aware of the concrete problems and ways of solving them in this situation. Continue reading