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Tips: Writing a Research Paper on Career

Sometimes, students have to prepare a research paper about the definite profession and career making. On the one hand, the task sounds easy. In fact, one should devote much time to study the depth of every career if he wants to understand its pros and cons. Moreover, one should learn about the factors that influence the process of career making. Thus, the assignment is challenging and requires original approach. You can learn how to create a successful research paper about career if you read these simple instructions.

Prepare for Research Paper Writing

  1. Study the Elements of Your Career. It is difficult to complete a good research paper if your knowledge is poor. Students are expected to read about the topic of their assignment if they want to create a scientific academic paper. You should go to the library and find several books that explain the chosen profession and its structure in detail. In addition, it is wise to read something about the general approach towards career making. The basic general knowledge will let you understand the major principle of any career analysis. When you catch the algorithm, you will realize how to research any occupation starting from medicine and business and finishing with political activity.
  2. Find the Most Credible Sources. You will improve the quality of your academic paper about career if you find the best books and articles that observe this subject in the objective light. You can ask your teacher to help find the right books on business and management if you want to understand the problem of career making. If you take advantage of out-of-date or poor-quality publications, you will hardly compose a newsworthy paper. Your task is to find something new and fascinating. Therefore, make sure your sources are reliable and noteworthy.

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Term Paper on Stamp Act

Stamp Act Term Paper:

The Stamp Act of 1765 is a parliamentary act of Great Britain that touched upon the colonies of British America. This document was based on the imposition of the direct tax on the Thirteen Colonies. The main idea of this document was to make British colonies print their books, newspapers, playing cards and other printed materials on the stamped paper that was produced in London. The Crown made this decision to improve its financial condition, because the treasury of Great Britain required gold. Obviously, the Parliament decided to impose taxes on the country’s colonies. It was impossible to print the smallest announcement without the stamp of the Crown. It is natural that this policy was met violently. People were not ready to such unexpected and meaningless taxes and they protested furiously. The Stamp Act of 1765 caused severe protests in all cities of British America. Continue reading

No Child Left Behind Act Term Paper

Term Paper on No Child Left Behind Act:

No Child Left Behind Act is a document adopted on 2001 that is associated with the improvement of elementary and secondary education in the USA. It is obvious that students are different and their potential is different too. It is impossible to create a standard system of education that will satisfy every student. The US Congress decided to invent the best system that would be useful to all students. No Child Left Behind Act is based on the idea that every child has the right to receive education and that it is impossible to treat children with different potential equally.

This Act provided states with the right to set the local standards of education. For example, if a school cannot boast of excellent results of its students, it has the right to set its own minimum level of knowledge that is acceptable in this state. Years ago every school paid attention to the smartest students. Weaker students did not have a chance to learn the same information, because of their weaker potential. In simple words, the system of education focused on gifted students, while other students felt neglected. Continue reading

Term Paper on Dead Poets Society Analysis

Dead Poets Society Analysis Term Paper:

Dead Poets Society is a famous drama film shot in the USA in 1989. This film was directed by Peter Weir and the main role was played by Robin Williams. The action takes place in Welton Academy for aristocratic students in Vermont in 1959. Dead Poets Society is about English language and literature teacher John Keating who decided to inspire his students to change something in their boring everyday lives and encouraged their fascination with poetry and literature. John Keating is a new teacher in a conservative academy. Everyday life and activity of students is controlled strictly by the officials of this academy. He decided to help his students develop their spiritual side and he conducted his lessons in the original manner. Continue reading

Term Paper on Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis Term Paper:

Industry analysis is a process that is characterized with the attempt of entrepreneurs to study and evaluate the current business environment. It is obvious, that every businessperson who wants to start his business should conduct industry analysis attentively.

The main idea of industry analysis is to understand whether the current situation on the market and political situation in the country are safe for business. This issue is very important for small business that is very vulnerable to any changes of this kind. Industry analysis is an integral part of a business plan and when an entrepreneur wants to start his small business, he studies the market, its components, political freedom and social issues that influence success of every business. This analysis starts with the profound research of competitors. One should know his rivals well in order to be able to co-exist with them. Continue reading

Term Paper on Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis Term Paper:

Dream analysis is a process that is characterized with the attempts to assign sensible meaning to human dreams. Dreams have always been interesting to people and they have been trying to explain their meaning objectively. In ancient civilizations people believed that dreams connected them with gods. If you saw a dream, it meant that spirits or gods decided to inform you about something important. A dream played the role of a hint. In ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China and Muslim culture there were special priests who analyzed dreams and explained them to others. Ancient kings also played much attention to their own dreams and they did not make any important decisions if they had a bad dream. They believed that a bad dream was a bad sign, so it was useless to make certain decisions. In the course of time people has decided to analyze dreams from the scientific point of view. Many psychologists observed this issue from their own side. Continue reading

Term Paper on Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional Analysis Term Paper:

Nutritional analysis is a process that is characterized with objective evaluation of nutritional content of various food products.

This analysis is very important for the objective creation and planning of diets. Nowadays more and more people pay attention to the quality and nutritional content of food, because they want to keep fit and consume only healthy products. Experts have conducted research about the right daily ratio of food that improves human health.

Every group of people requires its own type of food. For example, male population requires more food; then, people who suffer from certain diseases cannot eat meat or dairy products; therefore, they need personal planning of their diet. It is important to calculate the actual nutritional content of different products in order to know how to substitute one product with another one. Continue reading

Antigone Character Analysis Term Paper

Term Paper on Antigone Character Analysis:

Antigone is a character of Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Jocasta and Oedipus who reigned in Thebes. She had two brothers Eteocles and Polynices. Antigone received her fame due to Sophocles and his tragedies.

Antigone is a bright character in Greek mythology, because she symbolizes devotedness to parents and her family in the whole. When her old father Oedipus blinded himself and went into exile, she decided to go with him to support and help him cope with the difficulties of his life. She stayed with her father until the day of his death. When she returned to her home, she discovered that her brothers struggled against one another for power in Thebes. Eteocles protected Thebes from invaders and Polynices joined the enemy’s side. Both brothers died during the conflict and the new-made king of Themes Creon, Antigone’s uncle, proclaimed that only Eteocles had the right for the proper funeral. Continue reading

Term Paper on Break-Even Analysis

Break-Even Analysis Term Paper:

Break-even analysis is a process of calculation of the amount of business operations that are required to equalize the levels of a company’s revenue and cost indicators. It is natural that every company requires investment in order to produce its goods and services.

Consequently, a company has the definite cost of production, because production of every item consumes raw stuff, electricity, energy, expenditures on its storage and logistics. When a company sells its products, it receives money that can be used for further production. Obviously, it is important to calculate how many products should be manufactured in order to cover their cost of production.

This calculation is called break-even analysis. A break-even point is the very border that shows that a company does not lose or earn anything. The every following sold item will bring profit to a company, while the reduction of sale will cause decrease of its revenue. Continue reading

Marine Ecology Term Paper

Term Paper on Marine Ecology:

Marine ecology is a complex of efforts that are taken to improve the ecological condition of lakes, seas and oceans and to save animals, fish and birds that live there. Nowadays it is obvious that the quality of water resources all over the world is extremely low because of pollution and unreasonable use of water for human needs. The absolute number of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans is seriously polluted and it is practically impossible for animals and fish to live there. Modern ecologists care about the condition of marine life and many efforts are taken to improve this situation constructively.

The harmful effect of human activity is reflected on the condition of water and marine life. There are areas where fish and water mammals can not survive, as the water is contaminated.

Naturally, the problem of pollution is not the single one that affects marine ecology badly, because uncontrolled hunting and fishing are also big problems that require rapid solutions. Continue reading