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Term Paper on Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Terrorism Term Paper:

Cyber terrorism is the use of computers and information technology for terroristic purposes. The term appeared in 1980s with the rapid development of the field of information technology and its increasing role in the human everyday life. It is natural, that terrorists use all possible methods to reach their goal; no wonder, the Internet has also become quite an effective weapon for them. There are two meanings of cyber terrorism, which explain this issue in quite a different way.

The first meaning is a narrow one and it explains cyber terrorism as the use of IT for threat and manipulation. Very often businessmen, politicians and common people receive email messages which contain threats and shocking content and the purpose of this form of terrorism is to make the victim stressed, frightened and nervous.

Cyber terrorism at school is the use of IT by students for psychological abuse of their classmates and this issue belongs to the form of school bullying. Continue reading

Developmental Reading Term Paper

Term Paper on Developmental Reading:

Developmental reading is a special course which is aimed at the development of the student’s critical thinking skills and his ability of understanding different written texts from all sides. Sometimes students confuse developmental reading with basic reading, but the latter is connected with the simple ability of reading, correct pronunciation of sounds, understanding of the vocabulary, etc.

Developmental reading is something more difficult, because it trains students to understand the content of the source they use for research, to evaluate its usefulness for their academic assignment, etc. Evidently, students require such courses in order to learn how to choose the right book for their college research paper or a high school essay. One receives knowledge about the right approach towards the choice of books, periodicals and their professional and profound observation. Continue reading

Term Paper on Human Potential

Human Potential Term Paper:

Human potential is a complex of qualities that reflect the human success in different activities.

Potential is a set of innate qualities, skills and aptitudes that can be revealed by the human being in the process of her activity. Many people do not know about their potential, so most often their potential stays undiscovered. It is obvious that potential can be revealed by parents and teachers, so the primary aim of education and bringing up is to help a child find its potential. Unfortunately, teachers and parents do not care about this issue and children do not use their innate aptitudes on practice. There are several types of human potential, which are divided into physical and intellectual aptitudes. For example, a child can have strong health and a well-shaped body and muscles that can help him find himself in sports. Continue reading

Term Paper on Indian Economy

Indian Economy Term Paper:

India has the tenth largest economy in the world and the annual rate of its economic growth is about 6%. India belongs to developing countries and its most important sectors of economy are agriculture and industry. India extracts oil, mines gold, produces fertilizers, manufactures automobiles, produces cloth, food products, etc. India possesses one of the longest railway chain in the world and this fact enables the country to be one of the most serious competitors on the market of transportation.

Moreover, India has leading positions in telecommunication and banking services. Furthermore, India is famous for its large international airports and seaports.

Its most profitable industries are textile, chemical, food processing, steel, transport, cement, mining, petroleum and machine building. This country is also an active member on the international arena and the percentage of its import and export indicators are very high. Continue reading

Developmental Biology Term Paper

Term Paper on Developmental Biology:

Developmental biology is the branch of biology which studies the mechanism of growth and development of living organisms.

Developmental biology originated from embryology, the study which researched the way of organ growth and the process of development of human and animal organisms. The study appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and it is closely connected with cell biology, genetics, physiology and molecular biology. Due to the achievements of these disciplines it has become possible to learn about the fundamental issues of developmental biology which have always bothered scholars’ minds. For example, experts have learnt about the ways of transmission of genetic information from parents to their child; about molecular and genetic background of differentiation of cells, tissues and organs; the mechanism of intercellular activity and regulative processes which maintain the unity of living organisms. Continue reading

Human Geography Term Paper

Term Paper on Human Geography:

Human geography is a discipline that studies territorial organization of the human society and its productive forces. This study pays attention to the process of human-nature coexistence, location of plants and factories, factors that influence human settling and the influence of economic, climatic and social factors on the development of different regions. Human geography is a very important discipline, because it studies essential issues that influence the peculiarities of the human settling.

Naturally, such issues as poverty, unemployment, etc. can be observed from the point of view of human geography, because it the definite area is unfavorable for living, the people who are surviving there will not be able to afford themselves with everything they need. Human geography is closely connected with sociology, as it is possible to research social groups and their settling in the definite areas. Continue reading

Gear Manufacturing Technology Term Paper

Term Paper on Gear Manufacturing Technology:

Gear manufacturing technology is the way of production of gears of different types. The invention of gears is very important for the human civilization, because gears are used in different spheres of human life. Obviously, gears are used in machinery, transportation, military services, etc. They make human life easier, because they are applied for lifting huge weights and for improvement of work of various mechanisms. Gears were invented in Ancient Greece in the 1st century AD and since that time, they have been used worldwide. The process of gear manufacturing was different in different times. The first gears were made of stone or wood and they were very huge and were applied in the definite mechanisms that were used for lifting big weights, like stones and logs for building. In the run of time, engineers have begun to make gears from metal in order to improve the gear’s quality and its technical characteristics. Continue reading

Term Paper on Mood Disorders

Term Paper about Mood Disorders:

Mood disorders are the complex of mental disorders that are connected with mood deviations.

Nowadays the problem of mood disorders is quite widespread in the human society, because people live in constant stress and they do not have time to relax. As a result, nearly 50% of people suffer from different forms of mood disorders and this number is increasing constantly. In fact, there are two most widespread and serious types of mood disorders. The first type is connected with depressions and the most serious disorder of this type is called major depressive disorder. This disorder is characterized with strong and monotonous depression, as the major psychological or emotional condition of the patient is more or less stable and the disorder is not represented by any additional symptoms. The second type of mood disorders is bipolar disorder that is divided into phases. Continue reading

Term Paper on Nonlinear Channel

Nonlinear Channel Term Paper:

Nonlinear channel is a special way of television programming that is characterized with alternative approach towards this issue. Naturally, there are linear and nonlinear channels that differ in the manner of presentation of information. When one speaks about linear channels, he understands the process when TV viewers watch TV, the schedule of which has been created by the owners of a channel. Therefore, the audience does not have a choice of TV programs and they have to watch them in the definite order at the definite time. Every linear channel has its own well-planned program of its shows, movies, ads, etc. and when one wants to see the definite program, he will need to turn on this channel at the definite time. Nonlinear channels differ from linear ones seriously. To begin with, there are different types of nonlinear channels that make television closer to everyone. Continue reading

Marketing Ethics Term Paper

Term Paper on Marketing Ethics:

Marketing ethics is a type of marketing that is characterized with moral attitude towards business and with care about consumers and quality of production. Obviously, the main aim of every businessperson is to earn as much money as possible and very few people care about the safe ways of earning of their money and about the effect of their company on society, natural environment and human health. Marketing ethics is a new approach towards the problem of business, because nowadays more and more firms and big corporations pay attention to social issues and the quality of their products. Naturally, every company is obliged to provide consumers with full information about the origin and quality of its goods and services. This information will help consumers decide whether they actually need this product and whether it is better to buy the same object at other places. Continue reading