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Analysis of Hamlet’s Character Essay


of Hamlet’s Character Essay:

Hamlet’s problem had already interested the playwright’s contemporaries – it is known that the play was a great success – but a serious scientific assessment in the criticism it has received only after the death of the great English writer. The analysis of Hamlet’s character gave the researcher a wide field of interpretation and reflection, has caused much controversy, the echoes of which can be heard up to now.

It is hard to imagine the amount of articles and books, the content of which is somehow related to the interpretation of “Hamlet” by Shakespeare. Thus, in the bibliography on the “Hamlet problem” that have been brought up only in 1935, was listed for more than two thousand titles, and in the early 1960s the Polish scholar Jan Kott compared the bibliography with the book that the volume was twice directory of Warsaw. How much was written by Shakespeare scholars for the last seventy years is impossible to count. Today, in search engine on the Internet you can find tens of thousands of links on the subject, but the number of studies, essays and papers, “posted ” on Internet sites and does not always meet the necessary philological, artistic or culturological level.

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Shakespeare created the most profound and multi-faceted character in the literature, by its strength and fullness comparable only to Don Quixote and Oedipus. It is therefore not surprising that in criticism devoted to Hamlet, according to Anikst: “has reflected the struggle of all currents of philosophical thought since the 17th century to our time.”

In 1736, an essay Some Remarks on the Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Written by Mr. William Shakespeare by an anonymous author was published, which is credited to Thomas. This paper draws attention to the fact that Hamlet, revealing the mystery of the treacherous murder of his father, for four long acts defers and doubts in the implementation of the revenge. The author argues that Shakespeare would not have managed to write such an interesting and entertaining play, if Hamlet would have avenged father’s death on Claudius without any hesitation. However, due to this hesitation, the fact that such behavior of the Prince of Denmark required special reasons to be explained became obvious.

William Richardson in his Philosophical Analysis and Illustration of Some of Shakespeare’s Remarkable Characters, 1774 argued that Hamlet is in a serious state of mind because of his mother conduct, and therefore is not able to act. The fact that Gertrude married a brother of the deceased father; staggering him to such an extent that the prince long cannot make sense of what and how should be done.

Friedrich Schlegel noticed that many people simply do not understand this tragedy by Shakespeare, praising only a few passages. However, according to Schlegel, “the focus of whole lies in the main character, whose energy is spent on mental activity, which, in turn, deprives him of his strength to take action in real life. This is truly the best image of a man who dwells in full “disharmony” and “desperation.”

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