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Term papers

Term Paper on Steroids

“The term “steroid” refers to a family of hormones and drugs chemically related to the substance cholesterol. Probably the most commonly beneficial and medically accepted use of steroids are the sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) contained in oral contraceptives. Other frequently used and medically beneficial steroids are relatives of cortisone, which is used to fight…Read More

Longevity Term Paper

The human body has specific genes that defend organism during hard times. The recent researches indicate that these genes can also improve the overall well-being and even prolong the life. David Sinclair and Lenny Guarente in their article “Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity Genes” investigate how understanding of genes’ work can reveal the keys to…Read More

World War 1 Term Paper

My term paper deals with the role of the USA in the First World War (1914-1918). I will try to point out major events of this period and their influenced economical, political and social spheres of American life. My research is based on two primary sources. These are abstracts from Levack’s “The West: Encounters and…Read More

Minimum Wage Term Paper

In her article “Minimum wages” Linda Gorman speaks of the influence of minimum wage laws on the lives and career opportunities of employees. She provides numerous examples of how harmful wage regulation can be to the workers, especially those who are lower-skilled. In fact, I believe she is right, because although minimum wage regulation is…Read More

Sudan Term Paper

Sudan’s 2007 GDP per capita (in terms of purchasing power parity) is ranked 128th in the world with $417. For comparison, GDP per capita in the US $43,500 the same year, ranked 8th in the world and 1st among G8 countries. Population Sudan has 40.2 million inhabitants. 52% of Sudanese are black Africans and 39%…Read More

Handwriting Lesson Plan Term Paper

Subject:     Handwriting Level:       Elementary school, 1-2 grades Materials:   Worksheets with printables of various shapes (hollow, dotted, dashed); colored markers; sheets of lined paper; pictures of animals; pictures of objects; cards with letters. Objective:   Learning new letters, achieving mastery and automation in students’ skills of writing letters. Methods:     Practice Length:      1 class The present lesson plan…Read More