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The Cold War Term Paper


The end of the Cold War was probably the most significant even in the history of the 20th century, while the Cold War was one of the most dangerous wars in the history of mankind. Even though there was no open military conflict between two superpowers, the US and the USSR, the tension between these states was so serious that the threat of the nuclear war was quite real. Consequently, the existence and survival of human race in the case of the transformation of the Cold War into a ‘hot’ military conflict between the two superpowers was in great danger and the risk of its total elimination was very high.

Naturally, in such a situation the end of the Cold War was welcomed by the vast majority of the world community. For many states it was a great relief since the end of the Cold War eliminated the most serious threats to their national interests, on the other hand, universal human values and democratic principles which were highly appreciated by every individual in the democratic countries could be eventually transmitted on the post-communist part of the world. This is why it is possible to view on the end of the Cold War in two dimensions: state and individual. Obviously, these two levels perhaps analyze the end of the Cold War and its consequences more efficiently than any other. At the same time, they help fully realize the significance and effects of the end of the Cold War.

Historical background of the end of the Cold War

On analyzing the end of the Cold War, it is hardly possible to really understand the significance and effects of this historical event without a brief overview of the historical background and events that actually led to such an outcome of this war between two antagonistic systems: totalitarian and democratic. In this respect, it should be pointed out that basically the end of the Cold War was the result of the profound crisis of political and economic system of the Eastern block at large, and its hegemonic state, the USSR, in particular. Continue reading

Term Paper on Steroids

“The term “steroid” refers to a family of hormones and drugs chemically related to the substance cholesterol. Probably the most commonly beneficial and medically accepted use of steroids are the sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) contained in oral contraceptives. Other frequently used and medically beneficial steroids are relatives of cortisone, which is used to fight inflammation not caused by infection.” (Gold) Steroids are used in the cases with delayed puberty, impotence, for AIDS patients, osteoporosis, anemia and weight disorders. The use of steroids for medial purposes is regulated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The use of steroids for medical purposes is limited now because of potential side effects.

The cases of steroids misuse of abuse are very frequent that make authorities to imply additional regulations for their use. Especially frequent are cases of steroid abuse in professional sports where they are used for quick mass-building.

Unfortunately steroids, such as testosterone, for example, can cause a lot of side effects for human health. Such health problems as cancer, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat can be provoked by steroids. Steroids can have not only physical side effects. The can have negative impact on human psychics and emotional state as well. The use of steroids can cause mood swings, paranoia state and uncontrolled anger. The use of steroids also creates additional risks of becoming addicted on other drugs. So, steroids can become the trigger for the addiction from hard drugs. Continue reading

Longevity Term Paper

The human body has specific genes that defend organism during hard times. The recent researches indicate that these genes can also improve the overall well-being and even prolong the life. David Sinclair and Lenny Guarente in their article “Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity Genes” investigate how understanding of genes’ work can reveal the keys to banishing the diseases of old age. Old age for a long time has been considered to be a logical biological stage of human development, as if the “aging” genes come into play when the body enters the stage of maturity. But is it possible to stop and even reverse the process of aging?

My personal opinion is that the process of aging cannot and should not be stopped. It is similar to death penalty when one human decides whether the person should live. The same is with aging – humans were created with some purpose and nobody can step over them. For example, animals have genes as well and every single creature in the world goes through developmental stages: birth, growth, maturity and death. Nevertheless, if to assume the position that the understanding of genes will help human body to fight with the diseases, such knowledge can be used for good purposes. It is not a secret to anybody that with aging humans become more vulnerable to the various diseases because body tends to wear out and is unable to cope with different viruses as effectively as it was in youth. If the aging of the cells can be slowed down, many people will be released from physical problems associated with age. Let’s see what David Sinclair and Lenny Guarente think about longevity genes. Continue reading

Lesson Plan Term Paper

The lesson plan is aimed at children of age 7 to 9 years old. The objective of the lesson is to provide information about the laws of nature in order to show that human beings are also animals and part of their behavior is determined by instincts.

The lesson will educate children about the difference between instincts and learned behavior and how important it is for their survival in the wild nature. They will also learn about the connection between instincts and behavior. The children will learn about the importance of the instincts in the human life that will allow them to understand human nature better and see human being as an organic part of nature. Continue reading

World War 1 Term Paper

My term paper deals with the role of the USA in the First World War (1914-1918). I will try to point out major events of this period and their influenced economical, political and social spheres of American life. My research is based on two primary sources. These are abstracts from Levack’s “The West: Encounters and transformations” Volume 2. Chapter 24 is devoted to the First World War in the USA: “the Expectations vs. Reality” (p. 787) and “the Revolution in the Front Lines” (p. 801). Besides I’ll focus attention on two illustrations related to the topic: “Women in the War” and “Role Reversal”. They impressed me most of all and made me ponder over dangers and threats of military service, reasons and consequences of certain changes in it during the war. These four sources provide detailed information on the topic stated before. I will analyze the points which I consider to be the most important. I’ve chosen Gerd Hardach’s book and a newspaper article “The Unsung Women of World War”. The first one helps to understand economical problems in America during the war and after it. The second source is a nice supplement to the investigated topic of women’s rights. Chosen sources are close to each other and will give readers a clear picture of what was before the war and what happened afterwards. Authors managed to trace connection between past and present events. It would help to understand errors and misreckoning of military leaders of the past. On the whole the main point I’ll try to emphasize is what has changed in the USA due to certain events and circumstances during the war. Continue reading

Minimum Wage Term Paper

In her article “Minimum wages” Linda Gorman speaks of the influence of minimum wage laws on the lives and career opportunities of employees. She provides numerous examples of how harmful wage regulation can be to the workers, especially those who are lower-skilled. In fact, I believe she is right, because although minimum wage regulation is aimed at supporting and protecting employees, it paradoxically deprives people of their right for work and freedom of choice in terms of what labor opportunities to pursue.

Despite the initial aim to improve the level of wages for the most vulnerable part of workers – the unskilled – this type of regulation has numerous negative consequences. Linda Gorman in her article “Minimum Wages” provides an apt remark that: +“…the law is simply one more example of good intentions producing hellish results”. The problem with the minimum wages setting is that this action does not guarantee work places for everyone. On the contrary, employers might prefer to fire some employees not to pay the burden of high wages. Continue reading

Sudan Term Paper

Sudan’s 2007 GDP per capita (in terms of purchasing power parity) is ranked 128th in the world with $417. For comparison, GDP per capita in the US $43,500 the same year, ranked 8th in the world and 1st among G8 countries.

Sudan has 40.2 million inhabitants. 52% of Sudanese are black Africans and 39% are Arabs.

Illiteracy Rate
38.9% of Sudanese are illiterate. Interestingly, almost 50% of the females above the age of 15 are illiterate.

Life expectancy at birth
Average life expectancies for newborn males and females are 49.38 and 51.23 years, respectively. Continue reading

Employment at Will Term Paper

Employment at will – is the right of employers to fire employees for any reason and the right of employees to leave the company without any reason as well (Werhane 2003).  This is a two sided agreement giving both the employer and employee the same right. I think that employment at will involves several ethical issues. For example, employers are free to fire with no reason or even based on the unfair reason (in the eyes of the employee).  It raises such important issues as discrimination and unequal treatment of employees. Employment at will means that the employment is voluntary for both sides.

The Civil Rights Acts of 1964/1991 – prohibited any employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin.  The act of 1991 has amended several sections to include the section on unlawful employment practices by employer (Werhane 2003). The Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991 have made employment discrimination not only unethical but illegal as well.  I think that such statute was vital because all people should be treated with respect and only based on their professional skills but not based on any other factors. Continue reading

Handwriting Lesson Plan Term Paper

Subject:     Handwriting
Level:       Elementary school, 1-2 grades
Materials:   Worksheets with printables of various shapes (hollow, dotted, dashed); colored markers; sheets of lined paper; pictures of animals; pictures of objects; cards with letters.
Objective:   Learning new letters, achieving mastery and automation in students’ skills of writing letters.
Methods:     Practice
Length:      1 class

The present lesson plan describes procedure of teaching students of first-second grade handwriting subject. During the course of this subject students must learn all letters of English alphabet, including proper letters’ formation and stroking in manuscript, achieve automation in writing letters, and gain mastery in writing words. On the current stage the students will learn some new letters, practice writing words containing both new and already known letters, and take part in activities that aim on achieving experience in handwriting and developing practice.

In the beginning let us briefly describe the content of previous lessons. During last lessons the students learnt several letters – o, a, i, c, n, m, and h using pictures and worksheets. They practiced in stroking these letters and writing the words like “mama”, “can”, “ham”, “main”, “coin”, “man” and others. Students already achieved mastery in writing these letters. Continue reading

Term Paper: Customer Service Upgrade

IRTC Manufacturing Enterprises has decided to implement a new system to speed up the operations and contribute to the overall efficiency of the project. Taking into account the fact that this would be a second system update over the past few years, one should develop the right system to provide IRTC Manufacturing Enterprises with the right resources for several years in the future.

Since the billing system is not only about payment but also about the services that the customers are to receive, the system should not be fully sponsored by the billing department, but also by the customer service department. The customer service department will be quick to track payments and respond with the right services, inquires, questions and if necessary discounts, something that would take much more time if only billing department dealt with the payments.

In order to integrate the billing and customer service departments and allow IRTC Manufacturing Enterprises to stay close to the customer, one should adopt the new $25,000-worth add-on to the system to integrate the customer service functions. Despite a substantial expenditure and additional time required for the installation of the add-on, it is believed to prove beneficial to IRTC Manufacturing Enterprises in the future. Continue reading